June 21st 2021

Morning Activities


Today at swimming, we had a trick dive competition. For JV, Hadley Harris and Lauren Lee won. For the hotshots, Libby Nash won. And for Varsity we had a stride jump competition and the winners were Gabriella Baldassari and Mallory Shavor.


Upper Lake Skiing:
Today at Upper Lake and the wakeboard Prince we had some people pass off some classes.
Lucy Miller passed off 3rd class kneeboard
Julia Ronning passed off 3rd class wakeboard
Kathleen Wilkinson passed of 3rd class kneeboard
Harper Draper passed off 3rd class kneeboard
Anne Wilkinson passed off 2nd and 1st class skiing.
Kate Fitzpatrick passed off 3rd class kneeboard
Brooklyn Jane wallen passed off 2nd class kneeboard
And Abby Steele and Elizabeth Cobb were our first time skiers!!

Lower Lake Skiing:
Today at Lower Lake,
Katherine Huddle passed off 1st and 2nd class wakeboard.
Mary Brook Wills passed off 3rd class kneeboarding
Emerson Denham passed off 2nd class wakeboard
Amelia Crocker passed off 3rd class wakeboard
And Mae Lacour passed off 3rd class kneeboard.


Today at Riflery, our top scores were,
Brock Wallace - 31
Sam Cunningham - 37
Basil Zafiris - 31
Jack Bright - 41
Zach Cater - 34
Mack Marston - 36
And Boon Bickerstaff passed off Marksman.

Team Sports

Today at girls team sports we played Newcomb and volleyball.

For first period we played Newcomb and DC won 2-1 and the MVP was Amelia Crocker. In second period Laurels team won 27-25. In third period we played Volleyball and the winner was Marvel and Ivey Marston was the MVP. For fourth period we played Newcomb and DC won 2-1 and the MVP was Cheney Humphreys. And the winner of the winna winna chicken dinna was Kate Bender!

Arts & Crafts

Today at Arts and Crafts we had a paper airplane competition.
For first period:
Best design: Harris Oppenheimer
Best name: Belan McGowen and Bazil Zafiris
Longest flight: Jack Carl.

For second period:
Best design: Jebb Braxton
Best name: Rafa Johnson with "Perfect Crasher"
Longest flight: Luke Williams

For third period:
Best design: Vann Dawson-Flannigan
Best name: Matthew Wills with "The Mega Mover:
Longest flight: Robert Strange

For fourth period:
Best design: Bennett Kirk
Best name: Patrick Howl
Longest flight: Charlie Abenoja

Fun & Games

Today at fun and games we went to the obstacle course and the bucking bull.

For the hotshots, the fastest time on the obstacle course was Libby Nash with 15 seconds. For Varsity Bess Whitten completed the course in 8 seconds and the longest bull ride was Sadie Carrington for 3 minutes and 14 seconds. For the Rookies, Maggie Moore had the fastest obstacle time with 10 seconds and Avery Wiard had the longest bull ride with a minute 12 seconds. And for JV Miller cox had the fastest obstacle course time with 10 seconds and Reese Magid was on the bull for a minute 40 seconds.

And the winner of the ratta tatta was Sadie Carrington!!



Today at fishing, Carlisle Robinson caught 1 brim and Carolyn Vosburg caught 1 brim.

Team Roping

Today at team roping we had a reopening competition and the winner was Zach Cater with John Martin in a close second place.


Today at tramps we had some people pass off some classes,
Ann Margaret Wilkinson passed off 3rd and 2nd class.
Penelope Hudgins passed off 3rd class.
Kathleen Wilkinson passed off 3rd class.
Gabriella Baldassari passed off 3rd and 2nd class.
Kate Bender passed off 3rd and 2nd class.
Miller Cox passed off 3rd and 2nd class.

Cabin Time

Today at the Camp Mac fishing hole, B-3 came down and Matthew Wills caught a birthday brim, Hawk Akin caught a brim, Carson Foshee caught two brim, and everyone kissed a fish.

League Games

On the drizzling court 2, Katie's Kung Fu Fighter knocked Rosemary's lil Sprouts out in a tough game of newcomb. From the fighters, Mary Brook Wills played algebraically and from the sprouts Vivi frazier played sproutingly.

Today on the slightly moist field 2, the Hot Wheels started their W streak in an amazing game of softball against Claire's Hillmoney Hillbillys. Everyone had great hits, but Kate Huddle from the Hot Wheels was clutch. From the Hillbilly's, mae Lacour played like a Hillbilly on the 4th of July.

Today on the mud puddle-filled Field 1, Julia's Juju on That Beat jujued on Chippy's Chipmunks in an interesting game of softball. For the Chipmunks, Scarlet War played like a chipmunk with the most hustle. For Juju on that Beat, Rhea Mostellar was stellar.

Today on the super slick court 1, sarah kate's Air conditioners dominated MER's mighty munchkins in a nail biting game of newcomb. From the Munchkins Katherine Tuten played like a D1 newcomb athlete, and from the Air Conditioners harper Draper played like a young Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place.

Today In the rainy dome, Chloe's Chips and Guac defeated Fish's Fishies in an extremely intense game of bombardment. From the Chips and Guac, Caroline Lorborbom layed like a loaded chip, and from the Fishes Abby Steele played like an athletic fish.

From the Dining Hall For breakfast, we had Camp Mac breakfast. For lunch, we had burgers and fries with a cookie. For dinner, we had chicken alfredo with garlic bread with an option of a salad!


Megan Sumrall gave tonight's message.

Tonight for Night Rec..

...We had Senior Rec Hall and the Juniors were at the pool!!