June 20th 2022

Morning Activities

Wilderness Skills

Today at Wilderness Skills, the boys came down and did some First Aid Skits. From the Drovers, The Skiers had the best skit. For the Wranglers, The Danger Noodles won. For the Rough Riders, Skeet had the best skit. For the Dudes, the Widowmakers had the best skit.


Today at the pool, the Rookies, Hotshots, and JV did the Stride Jump and Treading Water Contests. From the Rookies, Claire Freeman won the TreadinG Water Contest, Stella Reese Dismukes, Ruby Madigan, Claire Freeman, and Annie Carrington won the Stride Jump Contest. From JV, Bella Brothers won the Treading Water Contest, From the Hotshots, Libby Nash, Reese Wilson, Eliza Reynolds, Mary Lee Burkhalter, Lizzie Gentle, and Ella Martin won the Stride Jump Contest. Lilly Grace Longshore and Helen Hinton won the Treading Water Contest. Varsity competed in the Australian Relay Race. In a much closer game than he would have liked, Brady’s Still-Undefeated Bakas beat Sarah Squared.


Today at Riflery, the boys came down and shot some high scores. Joseph Rhodes shot a 28, Wells Simmons shot a 33 and a 27, Sammy Crumpton shot a 30 and a 32, Michael Madigan shot a 28, Eli Bowen shot a 27, Jeb Braxton shot a 27, Miles Cumming shot a 29 and a 34, Liles Garrett shot a 30, Bo Giordano shot a 31, Finley Montgomery shot a 33, Al Smyly shot a 27, Walker Snyder shot a 34, George Newman shot a 31, 33, and a 28 and passed off Marksman, and Graham Ward shot a 32. Brock Wallace, Ian Baldassarri, and Graham Ward all shot 39s, setting the new high score of the summer!

Fun and Games

Today at Fun and Games, the girls came down to the Bucking Bull and we had some Top Riders. From the Hotshots, Ella Martin was the Top Rider with a time of 1 minute and 53 seconds and the best “Yeehaw” goes to Lizzie Gentle. From Varsity, Hayden Wiard was the Top Rider with a time of 1 minute and 32 seconds and the best “Yeehaw” goes to Olivia Vosburg. From the Rookies, Stella Dislikes was the Top Rider with a time of 1 minute and 14 seconds and the best “Yeehaw” was Ruby Madigan. From JV, Maggie Moore was the Top Rider with a time of 2 minutes and 5 seconds and the best “Yeehaw” goes to Celia Albright. Today’s winner of the “ratta-tatta-ratta-tatta win a big ole cowboy hatta” was Olive Quinn!

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports, the girls came down to the Camp Mac Courts and played some Volleyball. For JV, The Bean Lovers won and the MVP was Lena Daily. From the Hotshots, Kate’s Elite Donkeys won and the MVP was Eliza Reynolds. From Varsity, The Mighty Mavericks won and the MVPs were Sophie Bynum and Mary Brook Wills. From the Rookies, The Camp Mac Queens won and Claire Freeman was the MVP. Today’s winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Eden Hubbard!


Today at Upper Lake, the girls came down and we had 3 first time skiers! Hayden Butler, Alice Kate Krawczyk, and Libby Nash all got up on skis for the first time! Marion Haskell passed off 2nd Class Wakeboarding.

League Games

Today on the Sunny Court 1, Rylan’s Rowdy Rhinos tragically defeated Bella’s Fantastic 15 in a heated game of Newcomb. From the Rhinos, Katherine Tuten played like a Wild Rhino and from the Fantastic 15, Eliza Nobles played like a young Julia Ronning.

On the Warm Court 2, the Ford Wheelers and Sarah Kate’s Corn Dogs played an intense game of Volleyball. The Corn Dogs took the dub. From the Ford Wheelers, Ivy Marston played like an F-150 and from the Corn Dogs, Olivia Vosburg played like a young Carolyn Vosburg.

On Field 1, Kate’s Lil Macs destroyed Andy’s Flashes. From the Lil Macs, Evelyn Butler played like the biggest Lil Mac you’ve ever seen and from the Flashes, Lottie Gross played like the biggest fiery fire bolt you’ve ever seen!

On the Hot Field 2, the Gators smacked on The Who’s in an intense game of Softball. From The Who’s, Ro Dawson-Flanagin played like a young Ashley Tuggle, and from the Gators, Annie Margret Wilkinson slayed the day away like the biggest gator out there.

In the Humongous Camp Mac Gym, Margret’s Moose Pack demolished Mallory’s Mighty Munchkins in a sweeping game of Bombardment. From the Moose Pack, Mary Ellen Badham slayed the other team like a magnificent moose, and from the Munchkins, Appie McMurphy played like a young Mary Jack Gordon.


Mountain Biking

The girls finished out the week strong and there was one rider who really stood out as being the rider with the best attitude and the most improvement; This week’s Mountain Biker of the Week goes to Hayden Wiard.

The boys also had a great week and there was one rider from the boys who stuck out as the Mountain Biker of the Week and that was Hank Stone.

From the Dining Hall This morning, we had the famous Camp Mac Breakfast.  For lunch, we had Hamburger and French Fries with Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And to end the day, we had Chicken Alfredo with a Salad Bar and Chocolate Cake. 


JD Lewis gave our message tonight.

Tonight for Night Rec...

The Juniors had Tall Tales and the Seniors had Rec Hall!