June 19th 2021

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports, we played some basketball!

For Jayvee we played some 5v5 and the Jedi won 4 games and the Sith won 0. Then we played a game of knockout, and Max Montgomery won. For the Jedi, the MVP was Crawford Badham and for the Sith Max Montgomery was MVP.

For the Hotshots we played knockout and the winner was Patrick Howell.
For Varsity we played 5v5 and the Jedi won 21 to 17. The MVP from the Jedi was Zach Cater and McNeil Robinson was the MVP for the Sith.

Finally, for the Rookie, we played a few games of knockout, and Matthew Wills and Miles Cummings won.

And today the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna was Zach Cater!


Today at Swimming, the boys came down and did some competitions. From the Rookies, Lassiter Silsbee won the stride jump competition and James DeArman won the treading water competition. From JV, Ian Baldassari won the treading water competition. From Hotshots, Will Pere won the stride jump and treading water competition. And from Varsity, George Neaman won the treading water competition. Finally, "That's What's Up" beats "the Brady Bunch" in an Australian race. From That's What's Up, Grey Bias was MVP and from Brady's Bunch John Marfin was MVP.


Today's Top Scores:
Amelie Pazon - 33
Mary Drue Cobb - 32
Vivi Frazier - 31, 36
Lauren Lee - 31
Abby Steele - 30
Sadie Carrington - 40
Emma Lou Giordano - 32
Gabriella Baldassari - 31
Caroline Peebles - 30
Rhea Mostellar - 31
Today Reese Magid passed off Marksman and Auden Rainer passed off Pro-Marksman.
Finally, this week's Next Top Artist was Annie Carrington and Marshal Cummings


Upper Lake Skiing:
Today at Upper Lake and the order of the Ski-nix we had Ian Baldassarri get up on skis for the first time and pass off 3rd class skiing, and Jack Bright pass first class wakeboard.

Lower Lake Skiing:
Today Gray Bias passed off 2nd class skiing.
Jimmy White passed off 2nd class wakeboarding.
Charlie Magid passed off expert wakeboarding.
Robert Giordano passed off 3rd class kneeboard.
Mack Delaney passed off 3rd class skiing.
And Flynn Dickson passed on 3rd class kneeboard.

Wilderness Skills

So today at the slightly flooded Wilderness Skills hut, the juniors had trivia day! Our winners were Annie Carrington, Cheney Humphreys, Hayes Atkins, and Ashley Dickson. Meanwhile, the seniors had tent day! For the Wranglers our winners were Amelia Crocker and Mary Fran Rigrish with 25 seconds. For the dudes, our winners were Harper Draper and Anne Margaret Wilkinson with 29 seconds. And for the Rough Riders there was a tie between Kate Huddle and Mallory Shavor each with 63 seconds.


Shooting Sports

Madison Yi - 1/6
Katie Fitzpatrick - 2/6
Mallory Shaver - 10/12
Sadie Carrington 11/12
We had a shootout today and Sadie Carrington Won!


Today at Adventure we played balls of Glory and Madison Fedler and Kate Bender both caught 4/7 balls.


From the past few days at fishing, Will Vossberg caught 3 fish, Lassiter Silsbee caught 1 fish, Jack Bright caught 1 brim, Jackson Ward caught 1 brim, and Brock Wallace caught 2 brim and 1 catfish!


Boys Archery:
Charlie Silsbee passed off Jr. Yeoman and Jr. Yeoman Arrow.
Vann Dawson-Flannagin passed off Jr. Yeoman and Jr. Yeoman Arrow.
Hampton Long passed off Jr. Yeoman, Jr. Yeoman Arrow, and Yeoman.
Mack Delaney passed off Jr. Yeoman and Jr. Yeoman Arrow.
Basil Zafiris passed off Jr. Bowman Arrow and Bowman.
And Max Montgomery passed off Jr. Yeoman and Jr. Yeoman Arrow.

Girls Archery:
Hayden Wiard passed off Jr. Yeoman Arrow, Yeoman, Jr. Bowman, and Jr. Bowman Arrow.
Reece Neely passed off Jr. Bowman, and Jr. Bowman Arrow.
Anderson Long passed off Jr. Yeoman, Jr. Yeoman Arrow, Yeoman, and Jr. Bowman.
Ivey Marston passed off Jr. Yeoman, Jr. Yeoman Arrow, and Yeoman.
Julia Ronning passed off Jr. Yeoman and Jr. Yeoman Arrow.
Scarlett Ward passed off Jr. Yeoman Arrow, Yeoman, Jr. Bowman, and Jr. Bowman Arrow.
Mackenzie Stephens passed off Yeoman and Jr. Bowman.
Mae LaCour passed off Jr. Yeoman, Jr. Yeoman Arrow, and Yeoman.
And Margret Adkins passed off Bowman Sharpshooter and Archer.

League Games

Today on the soaked court 1, Olen's Oreos kept their streak alive in a killer game against the Mini Marauders. For the Oreos, Colin Gentle was mega stuffed, and from the Marauders, Snyder was killer.

Today on the slightly wet tennis court 2, Preston Punishers once again prevailed in a quick game of newcomb against the Joe Mama's. From the Punishers, Beeland McGowan Played all over the Court. From the Mama's Sam Winters played like he was completely dry.

Today in the wet Camp Mac gym, Jake's Snakes beat Kris's Rice Krispies in a tight game of bombardment. From the crispies, John martin played like a crisp, and from the Snakes Will Fiedler threw like a Kobra.

Today on the completely Court 1, Sam and the boys dunked on Robert's Wrecking Balls. In a slippery game of newcomb. From Da Boys Matthew Wills played like one of the true boys and from the wrecking balls, Jeb Braxton played like he demolished a skyscraper.

Today on the soaked court 2, Dakota's Titans took the dub from Carson's Crispy Cornchips in a tight game of newcomb. From the Titans, Mason Lark played like a true Titan.

On the slightly muddy soccer field, Jackson's QT pies slurped on Sigs Lil Snow Cones in a game of soccer. From the QT pies Charlie Magid played like the superior Magid and from the Snowcones James Davis played like a frozen snow cone.

From the Dining Hall For breakfast, we had donuts, eggs, bacon, and grits. For lunch, we had sloppy joes, fries and a cookie. For dinner, we had pizza and wings. 


Megan Sumrall gave tonight's message.

Tonight for Night Rec..