June 17th 2019


Today at the two crystal brown lakes of Camp Mac, the girls came down and went around the lake for the first short pants day of the summer!

Mary Jack Gordon passed Expert Skiing!!!!
Campbell Long passed 3rd class wake-boarding.
Reese Neely passed 3rd class kneeboarding.
Ro Dawson-Flanagin passed 3rd class wake-boarding.
Caroline Wyatt passed 3rd class kneeboarding.
Carlie Wise passed 3rd class kneeboarding.
Bella Spear passed 3rd & 2nd class wake-boarding.


Today the boys came down and learned how to properly handle a rifle. After they learned the safety rules, they got to shoot a few targets! Here were the highs of the day:
Brock Wallace - 36
Gray Bias - 34, 36, 35
Tav Shaffer - 33
Brandon Huff - 30, 35, 37
Chris Price - 34, 31
Andrew Wallace - 35
Rylan Wingo - 31
Cooper Kennedy - 35
Angus James - 35

Fun & Games

The girls came on down to the tetherball courts, Beegeball courts, the Joust, AND the Bull where we had a competition to see who could ride the bull the longest! The best riders of the day were...
Lily Close
Sophie Robbins
Ashley Costello

From the Dining Hall For breakfast, we sat down and enjoyed a good Camp Mac Breakfast (bacon, eggs, grits, & toast) with assorted cereals. For lunch, we had BBQ sandwiches with a side of tater-tots as well as the option of a salad bar and chocolate pudding with whipped topping for dessert. And finally for dinner, we ended the day with spaghetti and garlic bread with the salad bar also included. A delicious cheesecake was served for dessert.


Passing off Third Class:
Hails Austin, Vann Dawson-Flanagin,
Marshall Cummings, Crawford Badham
Passing off Second Class:
Marshall Cummings
Passing off Expert Tramps:
Brandon Huff

Passing off Third Class:
Eleanor Finkle, Mackenzie Stephens,
Alice Kate Krawczyk
Passing off Second Class:
Mackenzie Stephens
Passing off First Class:
Sara Marcato

League Games

Today on the dark green, light green, and white checkered Court 1, Ada's Horses were filleted by Cayden's Grillz in a heated game of volleyball. From Cayden's team, Julia Renning played like a Grill Master 700. From the Horses, Elizabeth Kell played like a "horse in the front."

On the shady court of Court 2, Dophie's Dishwashers washed away what was left over from Virginia's Pines in a soapy match of volleyball. From the Dishwashers, Mary Eason Robinson cleaned her plate, and from the Pines, Grace Mahfet played scrappy. In the end, the Dishwashers came out clean.

Today on the first kickball field, MK's All the Ways took the game all the way to victory against Riker's Strikers! From MK's All the Ways, Eleanor Adkins played like there was no tomorrow. From Riker's Strikers, Emerson Wenham kicked like a true striker.

On the super sunny Field 2, Sarah Parker's Peter Parkers spun their way to claim the W against Adeline's Sandwiches. From the Peter Parkers, Rhea Mostellar was the top Black Widow, and Lily Close from the Sandwiches was a super club sandwich. On this swell afternoon in the Gym, Katie FIsh's Team Ponyo swam their way to the winner's circle against Chloe's Macaronis. From Ponyo, Emily Page Counts schooled the other fish, and Caroline Calhoun was a real bow tie from the Macaronis.


Tonight our choir was Lake Cabin and our speaker was Emma Richardson.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Senior Cabins

The Seniors battled it out in Bombardment in the Gym!

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had Rec Hall!