June 16th 2021

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today at team sports Marvel battled it out against DC comics. Team Marvel won today's battle 3-1 and the MVPs for the day were: Katherine Fitzpatrick, Libby Nash, EB Maultshy, and Lucy Calloway! And the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna went to Julian Ronning!


Today at Upper Lake and the Chamber of Ski-Crets, Maggie Moore passed off 3rd class skiing, and Julia Downey skied for the 1st time ever!! Down on Lower Lake, Ro Dawson-Flanagin passed off 3rd class skiing.


Today at Riflery the boys came on down, and the top scores for the day both came from Marshall Cummings with a 35 and a 37!


At swimming today there were a bunch of different competitions!
For Red Light/Green Light the winners were Harper Draper and Julia Downey. For the Stride Jump contest the winner was Alice Krawzyck, and for the Freestyle stroke race the MVPs were Sadie Carrington, and Mary Fran Rigrish.



Today at Adventure, Amelia Crocker and Mary Fran Rigrish both caught 10/12 balls while playing Balls of Glory.


Today at fishing Finn Westover caught a catfish, and Jack Price and Webb Bristow both caught brims!

Shooting Sports

Out of 20 Clays here are the totals for the girls today at shooting Sports!
Madison Yi - 6/20
Sadie Carrington 8/20
Kate Fitzpatrick 9/20
Emma Lou Giordano 13/20
EB Maultsby 7/20
Mallory Shaver - 11/20

League Games

Today on the lovely green court 1, Sarah Kate's Air Conditioners defeated KAtie's Kung Fu FIghters. From the Air COnditioners, Elizabeth Downing played chillingly, and from the Kung Fu Fighters, Alice Kate Krawzyck played like a black belt.

Today upon the green court farthest from the water fountain and the restroom Mer's Mighty Munchkins defeated Rosemary's Lil Sprouts in a killer game of newcomb. From the sprouts Alice Whitten played like William Shakespeare himself, and from the munchkins Archer Adams served as if it were the ice cream at the canteen.

On the gnatty field 2 Chippy's Chipmunks beat Claire's Hillmoney Hillbillys in an acorn biting game of softball. From the Hillbillys Kate Bright played like she just robbed the bank and from the Chipmunks Sadie Carrington played absolutely totally spectacular.

Today on the long grassed soccer field, Chloe's chips and Guacamole demolished Fish's Fishes 3-0. From the chips and Guac, Julia Downey played awesomely amazing, and from the fishes, Riley Jackson played swimmingly.

Today in the cool Camp Mac Gym, Cyaden's Kickballers crushed the Dynamite Dominators in an impressive game of bombardment. From the Dominators, Katherine Meriwether played swell and from the Kickballers, Ella Martin was on fire!

Today on the lovely Tennis court, Sarah Parker's Dragons out sparkled Sarah's Sparklers. For the Dragons, Parker Bristow played like she was breathing fire. For the Sparklers, Allie Giles was the brightest Sparkler out there.

Today on the Sunny Field 1, Wheeley's Hot Wheels showed their speed on the bases in an exciting game of softball against JuJu on That Beat. From the Hot Wheels Emma Lou Giordano played like a true all-star. From JuJu on That Beat, Kate Fitzpatrick played like a rockstar.

League Games

Update from June 15th:
On the sunny floor of Court 2, Jake's Snakes beat Sig's lil' Snowcones in a heated game of volleyball. On the Snowcones, McNiell Mosteller played like a block of ice. For the Snakes, Marshall Cummings played like a slithery sneaky reptile!

Up on the majestic Field 1, Robert's Wrecking Balls destroyed Joe Mama in a booming game of kickball. From the Wrecking Balls, Ben Burris was all over the field like he was getting paid to do it, and Charlie Abanoja punted the kickball like he was in the NFL.

Over on the pristine Field 2, Preston's Punishers shut out the Sam & the Boys in a perfectly matched game of kickball. From the Boys, Harrison DeArmon played like he was a first round draft pick, and for the Punishers, Kee Graham played like the cooler Kennedy.

On the slippery soccer field, Olen's Oreos crushed Carson's Crispy Corn Chips in a FIFA-worthy game of soccer. For the Corn Chips, Lassiter Silsbee was amazing, and Vann-Dawson Flannigan played like a young Messi for the Oreos.

On this day in the Camp Mac Gym, the Mini Marauders were deemed victorious over Dakota's Titans in a serious game of bombardment. For the Marauders, Ian Baldassarri played like Gangus Khan, and Graham Ward played like a true beast for the Titans.

To conclude our great day of sports on the battlefield, also known as Tennis Court 1, Colin's CoCo Crushers dominated Mason's Mysterious Masters 15-4. For the Crushers, Cooper Bounds played like a crispy Coco Puff, and Webb Bristow played like a young Bruce Wayne.

From the Dining Hall For breakfast, we had Eggs, Sausage, Grits, Pancakes, and Cereal. For lunch, we had BLTs, and for dinner, we had Salisbury Steak, Rice and Gravy, Peas, and Rolls.


Tonight our speaker was Sarah Kate Harris, talking about how to overcome fear.

Tonight for Night Rec..

We had Junior Cabin Competitions!!!

Tonight for Night Rec..

We had Senior Cabin Rec Hall!!