June 14th 2024

Morning Activities


The girls went over to the pool today and had some Funny Dive Contests. In first period the winners were Lottie Badham, and Lucy David. With honorable mentions for McCartney Foote and Lyla Brinson. In second period the winners were June Lunsford, and Kate Beevers for Funny Dive, and Catherine Honeycutt for a Stride Jump Contest. With an honorable mention for Libby Nash, and Fair Taylor. In third period the winners were Alice Lokar, and Kristen Rasch. In fourth period the winner was Avery James Appleton. With an honorable mention for Quinn Vosburg.

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports the girls played some softball. In first period, Emily’s Team won, and the MVP was Maddie Brooks. In 2nd period Sarah Kate’s team won and the MVP was June Lunsford. In 3rd period, Emily’s Team won and the MVP was Penelope Hudgins. In 4th period, Sarah Kate’s team won, and the MVP was Sarah Catherine Humphreys!

The winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Annie Carrington!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games the girls got to play sprouts, and go over to the water balloon battlefield!

The winner of the “ratta tatta, ratta tatta, win a big old cowboy hatta!” was Annie Adkins!


Over the last two days we have had a bunch of first time skiers and pass offs! Tucker Appleton, Charlie Cox, Lucy Creek, Sophia Spencer, Catherine Honeycutt, and Page Newsom all got up on skis for the first time! Lily Logsdon passed off 3rd class wakeboard. Caroline Wyatt & Julia Downey passed off 2nd class wakeboard. Then Annie Carrington, and June Lunsford passed off 3rd class skiing!



Today at adventure we did some rock climbing on the rock wall! Here’s how many panels everyone made it up! Mason Lark 6, Eli Sweeney 5, Bo Giordana 9, Jett Gucker 6, Charlie Boiles 6, Garrett David 8, Everett Kuo 3, Charlie Cox 5, Pierson Kirk 5, Richard Delaney 6, Jack Spencer 5, Colin Gentle 8, Lassiter Silsbee 6, Miles Cummings 5.


Today at boy’s tennis we had a pickle ball tournament and Sam Taylor and Michael Page won!

Cabin Time


Quinn Vosburg and Lizzie Grace Jefferies caught 1 fish each! William brown also caught 2 fish!

League Games

Today on court 1, Amelie’s Amazing Alpacas demolished Reese’s Rockets in a tight game of Newcomb. On Amelie’s team Indie Gregg played like an outstanding Alpaca. From the rockets, Kristen Rasch played like a rocket from out of this world.

On the pleasant court 2, Ro’s Rowdy Rascals remained victorious against Katie’s Crazy Koalas! From the Rascals Caroline Moore played stupendously. From the Koalas, Elin Sebert played crazy good.

Today on field 1, Gabby’s Goofy Goobers took the win against Margaret’s Masterful Mice. From the Goobers, Hilary McLeod played like a young Ian Baldassarri. From the Mice, Vivian Austin played like a better athlete than her brother Hails.

Today on the somewhat shady field 2, Eleanor’s Ecstatic Elephants beat out Addie Bell’s Bananas. From the Bananas, Caroline Loberbaum played like the best banana in the bunch. From the elephants Cat Brown played like the wildest elephant in the pack!

Today in the Camp Mac Gym, May’s Mighty Manatees swept the completion against Milly Rock’s Socks in a fierce game of bombardment. From the Manatees, Mary Ellen Badham played like the most graceful Manatee in the ocean. From the Socks, June Lunsford played like Jalen Milroe in the Iron Bowl.

Today on the soccer field, Mary Brook’s Mighty Martians stomped on Hadley’s Hungry Hippos to take the win in an easy game of soccer. From the Martians, Anna Harrison McGhee played out of this world. From the Hippos, Mary Stuart Strom played like the hungriest hippo in the pond.

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast we had Sausage, Pancakes, Eggs, Toast, Grits, and Cereal! For lunch we had Sloppy Joes and Tater Tots. We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches. For dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies. For Dinner we had Salisbury steak, Black eyed peas, and rice. For dessert we had cake! 


Wishing Maddie Brooks, Penelope Swann, and Sarah Kate Harris a Happy Birthday!


Tonight our speaker was Will Kell.

Tonight for Night Rec...

Tonight we had our senior campers at Rec Hall, and our Junior Campers got to hear stories at Tall Tales!