June 13th 2024

Morning Activities


The boys went over to the pool today and had some Funny Dive Contests. In first period the winners were Miles Strewe, and Rowan Falkson. With honorable mentions for Reed Pazona and Jack Taylor. In second period the winners were Rhodes David for Funny Dive, and Callan Rainer for a Stride Jump Contest. With an honorable mention for Jackson David. In third period the winners were Henri Schoenvogel, and Robert Mallory. With honorable mentions for Charlie Brinson, and Archer Green. In fourth period the winner was Nash Applewhite. With an honorable mention for Hilton Powe. Fourth Period also did a Stride Jump contest with Liles Garrett as the winner.

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports the boys played some softball! During first period the Pterodactyls won 11-7 with Richard Delaney as their MVP! During 2nd period the Unpicked Pickles won 12-7, with Thomas Weiss as the MVP. In 3rd period Hail’s Henchmen took down Tim’s Tigers 12-7 with Will Vosburg as the MVP. Finally in 4th period the Rookies tied their game, and Cole Davis was the MVP of the period!

The winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Steele Smith!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games the boys played some sprouts!

The winner of the “ratta tatta, ratta tatta, win a big old cowboy hatta!” was Lassiter Silsbee!


Mountain Biking

Grayson Mills won the backwards race, and Henry Hargett won king of the court!


Today at Girl’s Tramps Kate Beevers passed of 2nd class! At Boy’s Tramps Logan Sawyer passed off 2nd class as well!


Today at girl’s tennis we played Cricket in the Cage and Kathleen Wilkinson won!

League Games

On the muggy court 1, Michael’s Jordans balled out on Graham’s Giants. From the Jordans, V Stokely played like Jordan in the finals. From the Giants, John Patt-Gunn was the tallest Giant of them all!

Today on the shady court 2, Ian’s Eagles soared over George’s Goats in a crazy game of Newcomb. From the Eagles Jackson David played like the biggest !. From the Goats, Walter Goodrich played like the GOAT himself.

Today on the extremely sunny field 1, Crawford’s Chameleons dominated Mack’s Minions in an ecstatic game softball. From the minions, Jack Taylor played like Mickey Mantle in his prime. From the Chameleons, Reyn Sims ambushed the field like a Chameleon who was formally camouflaged.

On the electric field 2, Jimmy’s Jazzers 3.0 (Formerly Fiedler’s Family), wiped the floor with Marshall’s Martians. For the Martians, Matthew Wills player like the most athletic Wills. For the Jazzer’s Jeb Braxton played like Ronald Acuña Jr.

Henceforth, on the hectic ultimate frisbee field, Hails Hungry Hornets defeated the Jack’s Bean Stalks in a nail biting game. Representing the Hornet’s, Charlie Boiles swatted down frisbees like Kareem. From the Beanstalks, Pierson Kirk played splendidly.

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast we had Sausage, Pancakes, Eggs, Toast, Grits, and Cereal! For lunch we had Chicken Nuggets & Grilled Cheese. We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches. For dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies. And to end the day, we cooked Hot Dogs over the fire and had Chips and Baked Beans to go with them. For Dessert, we roasted S'Mores over the fire!


Wishing Walker O’Neil a big Happy Birthday!!!

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Cookouts with our Junior Campers and Campouts with our Senior Campers!