July 6th 2023

Morning Activities

Team Sports

At Team Sports the boys played some capture the chicken. In first period Julia’s team won, second period Tilghman’s team won and for third period Julia’s team won again

The winner of the winna winna chicken dinner was Jack Bright

Fun and Games

Today at fun and games the boys came over and did the Camp Mac Quest. In 1st period, Declan McTear won. In 2nd period, the winners were Mack Gunn, Henri Schoenvogel, and Alex Thuston. In third period, Thomas Hagood, Levi McClendon, and Harrison Walker won.

The winner of the ratta tatta ratta tatta win a big ole cowboy Hatta was Mikey Brown


At Upper lake skiing the boys passed off some classes. Jeb Braxton passed off 3rd and 2nd class wakeboarding, Micah McIntyre passed off 3rd class kneeboarding, Charlie Brinson passed off 3rd class skiing and got up on skis for the first time, Mason Lark passed off 3rd class wakeboard, and Tyler Frith passed off 3rd class kneeboarding

At Lower Lake Skiing Murray Seifert passed off 2nd class wakeboard, Ian Baldassari passed off 1st class wakeboard, Rex Gucker passed off 1st and 2nd class wakeboard, Bennett Kirk passed off 3rd class kneeboard and Matt Vosburg, Will Vosburg, and Jack Price were our first time skiers



At Boy’s fishing we recognized who caught the biggest fish of the term. The winner was Levi McClendon


At Putt Putt we had the Camp Mac Masters. The winner of The Boys’ Masters was Pierson Kirk with a score of 42! For the girls, Julia Downey came out and won with a score of 50!

Shooting Sports

At boys shooting sports Hampton Long won the shootout!

The winner of the girl’s shootout was Caroline Wyatt!


Allen McBride gave our message tonight.

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Awards Night!