July 31st 2021

Morning Activities


Today at Swimming the boys came on up to the pool and we had our water basketball tournament! From the 1st period our winning team was Erik Windness, and Lyle Shehi. From the 2nd period our winning team was Hank Stone, Doug Mills, and Sam Meador. Then in the 3rd period our winning team was Jack Bakken, and Spencer Otto!


Today at skiing we had William Mitchell, Will Webber, and Jay Delaney all become 1st time skiers! Jay Delaney also passed off 3rd class skiing! Then Holt Cannon, Alex Green, and Abe Tinney all passed off 3rd class wakeboarding! Then Murphy Freeman, Fred Carrington, and Tristan Cooper all passed off 2nd class kneeboarding! Then Skyler Crane passed off 1st class kneeboarding!!

Team Sports

For our last day at Team Sports we played Capture the Chicken!! Our Winna Winna Chicken Dinna is Manu Porter!!

Fun & Games

At Fun & Games the guys came down and completed the Camp Mac Scavenger Hunt! Our winners for each period were: Jay Delaney and Fred Carrington, Caven Burdick and Andrew Westerkom, and Murphy Freeman and Alex Green


Shooting Sports

Today at shooting sports, Manu Porter won the shootout!


Today at Putt Putt we had a few Dropout Contests! Our winners were Lane Allen, Erik WIndness, and Mac Shoenvogel! Then we played a game of horseshoe and Gabe Brunson won!

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had Bacon, Eggs, Grits, and Biscuits. For lunch, we had Turkey sandwiches and chips. For dinner, we had Pizza and Wings!


Tonight our Senior Staff sang their last song, and Allen McBride gave our message! 

Tonight for Night Rec

We had Awards Night!

Honor Campers:
Virginia Bell
Louise Williams
Kate Bakken
Addison Bell
Claire Pollitt
Bea Wiggins
Sebelle Cagle
Lizzie Cummings
Mary Cates Freeman
Charlie Dowd
Richard Kinney
Jay Delaney
Mac Schoenvogel
Jimmy Hunter
Jack Bakken
Manu Porter
Cale Smith

Best Riders: Mary Crater Culpepper and Cale Smith
Best Skiers: Mary Carter Culpepper and Cale Smith
Best Athlete: Mia Detroye and Cale Smith
Rifle Match Champions: Margot Fite and Cale Smith
Best Campers: Lizzie Cummings and Cale Smith