July 29th

Morning Activities


This morning at Swimming, we had a lot of fun playing Water Polo!


This morning, we had an amazing time passing off classes and shooting high scores!

Mary Carter Culpepper - Marksman
Layla Mince - Sharpshooter, 37, 37, 41
Hollis Tate - Pro-Marksman
Katie Brown - 35
Emily Cannon - Marksman 1st Class
Morgan Klein - 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43
Elizabeth Stewart - 40
Elizabeth Scholl - 38, 43
Alden Johnson - 42
Megan Sumrall - 42, Bar 1!!!
Olivia Bernston - 40, 40, 41, 43, 46 (tied for HIGH score of the summer), Bar 1!!!
Dani DeTroye - Pro-Marksman
Emma Richardson - 46 (tied for HIGH score of the summer)!!!
Leigh Block - 43


Today at Skiing, we had an awesome time passing off some classes!

At Upper Lake:
Chad Bonner - 1st Class Kneeboard
Simon Haughery - 2nd Class Kneeboard

At Lower Lake:
Lyman Starmer - 2nd Class Skiing
Alex Banik - 2nd Class Kneeboard
Matthew Rainer - Expert Kneeboard
Oli Broutin - 2nd Class Kneeboard
Benjamin Baker - 1st Class Kneeboard

From the Dining Hall

For breakfast, we had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Toast, Bacon, Bagels, Fruit, Juice, Milk, and Assorted Cereal. For lunch, we had Hamburgers, French Fries, a Salad Bar, PB&J, and Cookies for dessert. For supper, we had Dominoes Pizza, Wings, a Salad Bar, PB&J, and Ice Cream for dessert.


Tonight, the Senior Couselors sang for us and the Daily Bible Reading Ribbons were distributed.

Tonight, for Night Rec, We Got...

Awards Night!!!

Happy Birthday, Rich Hall!

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