July 25th 2021

Morning Activities

Flag Raising

Our State Flag Bearers were :
Alabama - Maggie Gribbin
California - Katie Kirkpatrick
Florida - Philip Bove
Georgia - William Echols
Louisiana - Charlie Dowd
Maryland - Lane Allen
Mississippi - Sebelle Cagle
North Carolina - Kate Wagner
New York - Charlie Rowe
South Carolina - Mia DeTroye
Tennessee - Manu Porter
Wyoming - Harper Maher

Our American Flag Bearers were:
Lake - Mary Cates Freeman
Oak Ridge - Claire Pollitt
G-0 - Jadeyn Harvey
G-3 - Kate Bakken
G-5 - Louise Williams

B-0 - Jamie Cimino
Cheaha - Caven Burdick
B-1 - Doug Mills
B-2 - Erik Windness
B-4 - Guy Bradley

Flag Pole:
Jack Bakken
Allie Wibberly

Sunday School

This morning, Chloe Rowe and Ann Inskeep provided our music. The Staff and Program Coordinators gave our message with stories from when they were a camper.

Mile Swim

This morning, we had our Mile Swim!

Plane Crash

During Rest Period, we had our Plane Crash simulation where our CITs and JCs pretended to be injured to help our Expert Woodsmen practice their first aid.

From the Dining Hall This morning for breakfast, we started our day off with Camp Mac Breakfast! For lunch, we had Ham/Turkey Sandwiches with chips. And we ended the day with Thanksgiving dinner - turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and rolls!

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Movie Night!!! We watched The Sandlot!