July 23rd 2021

Morning Activities


Today's Top Scores:
Jay Delaney - 33, 35, 32, 33, 38, 33, 38, 33, 37, 36, 30
LIam Baker - 32, 30
Eli Cannon - 30, 35
Skyler Crane - 41, 34
Charlie Stokes - 31
Clay Willcox - 30,31
Abe Tinney - 34
Jack Newell - 37
Holden Hughes - 31
Cale Smith - 34, 45, 40, 42, and a 47 which is the new boy's high and the new summer high!

Passed off:
Jay Delaney passed off Pro-Marksman
Holden Hughes passed off Pro-Marksman
Spencer Otto passed off Marksman
Cale Smith passed off Marksman 1st Class
Jack Newell passed off Pro-Marksman


Upper Lake:
Today at Upper Lake,
Lauren Carrington passed off 1st class wakeboarding
Abigail Anderson passed off 3rd class skiing
Virginia Bell passed off 3rd class kneeboard
Marissa Smith passed off 3rd class kneeboarding
Ellie Gribbin passed off 1st class wakeboarding
Julie Rai Hood passed off 2nd class kneeboarding
Kinleigh Freeman passed off 3rd class wakeboarding
And Ashley Windness and Charlie Wilcox were our first time skiers!

Lower Lake Skiing:
Today at Lower Lake,
Mia DeTroye passed off 3rd class skiing
Kate Dyess passed off 2nd class wakeboarding
Lizzie Cummings passed off 2nd class wakeboarding
Kassidy Eastman passed off 3rd class wakeboarding
Kate Bakken passed off 3rd class skiing
Helena Pryer passed off 2nd class kneeboarding
Kate Kirkpatrick passed off 2nd class kneeboarding
Virginia Otto passed off 2nd class kneeboarding
Sophia Sanders passed off 2nd class kneeboarding
Claire Pollitt passed off 2nd class kneeboarding
Ceci Bove passed off 2nd class kneeboarding

Fun & Games

Today at Fun and Games, we had slip n slide and dunk tank day!
We had a competition to see who could go down the slip n slide the fastest.
For JV:
Kate Bakken - 3.43
Ceci Bove - 3.51
May Newman - 3.56
Abigail Anderson and Jaydon Harvey - 4.25
Kate Wager and May Newman - 3.57
Caroline Snyder and Morgan Horsley - 4.25
For Varsity,
Mary Laslie Pike - 3.7
Kate Broutin - 3.37
Bea Wiggins and Kate Broutine - 4.2
Katie Overholtz and Lanier Alveo - 3.47
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta is Bea Wiggins!

Team Sports

Today in Team Sports, we played some basketball!
For JV, our gotcha winners were Ellie Gribbin (x2) and Mary Carter Borman. And in 5v5, Team Your Dad won 20-11 over Team Your Mom. The MVP was Ellie Gribbin.
For Varsity, our gotcha winners were Meryl Dubroc and Mary Cates Freeman. For 5v5 Team Pickles and Gravy won 22-24 over the muddy Apples. The MVP was Kassidy Eastman.
For the Rookies, the gotcha winners were Parker Smith and Virginia Bell. In 5v5 Team Will Kell beat Team Laurel 21-6. The MVP was Parker Smith.
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna is Sophie Broutin!



Today at the Ole Camp Mac Fishin' Hole,Max Schoenvogel caught 1 fish and Court Harned caught 2 fish.

Shooting Sports

Boys Shooting Sports:
Cale Smith shot 21/30
Jack Newell shot 24/30
Holt Cannon shot 21/30
Abe Tinney shot 23/30
Clay Willcox shot 11/30
Charles Rowe shot 20/30
And for tomorrow's shootout, Cale Smith, Jack Newell, Abe Tinney and Holt Cannon are competing.

Girls Shooting Sports:
Mia DeTroye shot 14
Morgan Horsley shot 15
Lauren Carrigton shot 4
Kate Mattei shot 8
Claire Pollitt shot 10
Marion Haskell shot 4
Allie Wibberley shot 5
And for tomorrow's shootout, Morgan Horsley, Mia DeTroye, Claire Pollitt, and Kate Mattei are competing.

Team Roping

Today at Team Roping we had a rockin' good time. Our top roper of the day was Ellison Mackay and the honorable mentions were Ann Everett Simon and Kassidy Eastman.

League Games

On the moist, humid, hustling plastic Court 1, Layla's Leeches crumpled the Get it Dunns in a CRAZY game of volleyball. For the Leeches, Jayden Harvey played better than a young Layla Mince. For the Dunns, Grace Ennis played like a boss.

On the gnatty field 1, Ins-keeping up With the Kardashians sank Chloe's Rowboats. From the Rowboats, Marion Haskell played like a superstar. From the Kardashians, Parker Smith played nothing less than a superstar, a princess,... a QUEEN!

On the sweaty, gnat infested Court 2, The Maggots defeated the Allstars in a majestic game of volleyball. On the Maggots, Mary Cates Freeman played like a young AE in her prime. And on the Allstars, Meryl Dubroc played fantabulously.

Today in the beautiful green field 2, EP's Peas in a Pod ate up EGP's Empanada in the glorious game of kickball. From the Pea's, Sophia Sanders played like the greenest pea in the pod. From the Empanada's, Virginia Otto played like a young Dora the Explorer.

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had eggs, bacon, grits, and toast. For Lunch, we had BBQ with chips and a cookie. For dinner, we had chicken tenders, creamed potatoes with gravy, lima beans, and a roll.



Tonight, Gracie Stokes gave our message.

Tonight for Night Rec

Tonight for night rec, we got Lake, Oak Ridge, B-0, and Cheaha have courts!
G-0, G-3, G-5, B-1, B-2, and B-4 have the pool!