July 20th

Lazy Day

Ski Party!

Today was Lazy Day! Everybody slept in for as long as they liked, watched some movies, and enjoyed free time! Our last year campers had a ski party on the lake this morning, and had hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch at the Cove!

From the Dining Hall

Today, for breakfast we had Honey Buns, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Fruit, Juice, Milk, and Assorted Cereal. For lunch, we had BLT Sandwiches, Chips, a Salad Bar, PB&J, and Butterscotch Bars for dessert. For supper, we had Chicken Alfredo, Peas, Rolls, a Salad Bar, PB&J, and Ice Cream for dessert.


Skeet Shooting

Today at Skeet Shooting, we had fun shooting some clays!

Ella Townsend - 13
Lucy Evans - 13
Pelham Stephens - 14
Marguerite Sprain - 24
Sibley Powell - 16

League Games

Today on Court 1, McDonald's Big Macs beat Carl's Corndogs in a fun game of volleyball. Will Scholl was awesome for the Corndogs, and Gabe Brunson slammed the ball from the Big Macs.

Today on Field 1, the Lawn Dart Champions defeated Schmidten for Steaks in a game of softball. For the Champions, Hays Brown played stellarly. For the Steaks, Evan Schulhofer played amazingly!

On Field 2, Brady's Bananas beat EH?, with Clayton Ramey taking one for the team to get the "W". Corbin Beal and Graham England also played great!

In the Gym, the PDGs crushed Winston's Winners in an intense game of bombardment! From the Winners, Tyler James played extraordinarily and from the PDGs, Alex Banik played like a professional athlete!


Tonight, our choir was Lake Cabin. Branham Hewes and Benson Knowles gave our message!

Tonight, for Night Rec, We Got...


90's Night!!!

Junior Boys


Junior Girls


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