Getaway: October 24-25, 2020

Weekend Getaway



Everyone’s enthusiasm dampened by some rain?! NOT A CHANCE!!!

From the determination of a 3 ½ year old focused completely on finding the next hand hold on the 40 foot climbing wall to the absolute joy seen through layers of mud on an alum’s husband’s face as he conquered the trails in his mud-caked trail cart to kids wearing make shift rain jackets while thrilled to be riding horses… the Fall Festival-like atmosphere of our getaway this weekend was apparent everywhere!

We had alums from the 1960s through the early 2000s and families here for the very first time- thoroughly enjoying being back or experiencing it for the first time with smiles on their faces. And yes, you could tell even when they had to wear their masks!

The traditions held at camp for over 7 decades were felt immediately when we had 2 newcomers volunteer to say the blessing for lunch and then a 2nd generation volunteer saying it the next time. We had 3rd generation brothers helping to raise the flag while soon to be new campers watched in anticipation of when they might carry a flag on Sunday morning! 

What makes life Among the Pines so special happened all weekend long as we saw young and “older” learning stuff, doing things, and having fun!! 

Grandmothers driving trail carts grinning ear to ear through the globs of mud splattering all over them as they took their grandchildren around the trails!

8 second Bunking Bull rides for everyone, younger ones holding on with delight!

A quick hike to Salt Creek Falls for everyone to see the beauty of the forest and it was just that. The trees changing colors along with the water rushing down the falls (thanks to the rain!) it was a picture-perfect moment.

At the riflery range through the rain hitting targets AND cans too! And we all know, those targets are prized treasures, campers mailing home during the summer or saving them to bring home. Same was true this weekend as one of our young guests excitedly pulled from his pocket his folded-up target with such a big grin because he hit the target for the first time! And another shouting, “I just shot right in the middle”!

The sports area was filled with laughter as everyone took turns on the trampolines, always a favorite, and the obstacle course kept many a younger guest happily running through the twists and turns! The archery range was very popular, with many of our younger guests saying that was their favorite activity! 

Lots of people enjoying something for the first time - too many to mention - from skeet shooting and hitting the clay target on the very first shot to one of our alums doing a presentation to tens of thousands through a zoom meeting…dressed in his suit and tie…laptop in the window to get internet…all from B-1…and nailing it! We are so proud!!

And what is camp without a campfire and S’mores?? Such a yummy treat and enjoyed by everyone!! One child was heard saying they just loved the way the smoke tasted on their marshmallow!

So, no… the rain didn’t stop anyone from having a great time Among the Pines!!!

We hope you enjoy your pictures and stay tuned for our Spring Fling Getaway Weekends- dates to be announced soon!

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