June 3rd 2024

Morning Activities


Today at Riflery, the boys came down and shot some high scores! Danny Fenn shot a 20. Jack Wurtle shot a 21. Jack Miller and Rivaan Annyarumbhatla each shot a 22. Quin Carpenter, Charley Rowell, and AJ Miller each shot a 23. Laurens Smith shot a 25. Baylen Latshaw and Anderson Tice each shot a 27. Beau King shot a 28. Rex Hirsch shot a 34. And our new high score of the summer was set by Culver Burk who shot a 37!


Today the girls came on over to Upper Lake, and we had 2 first time skiers! Elizabeth Anne Kinney and Emily Brigman both got up on skis for the first time!

Team Sports

Today the girls rode the Battle Bus down to the Fortnite Battle Field. Amelia’s Cheetahs took the Victory Royale against Eleanor’s Extreme Chicken Nuggets. The MVP was Kate Bingston. The next squad to catch a Victory Royale was Mary Brook and Hadley’s Orange Justices. They demolished Emerson and Miller’s amazing Marshmallows. The best Fortniter was Annie Connolly. The last team to drop in and snag the Vick Roy was Lauren’s Chicken Nuggets who beat Maddie’s Grilled Cheeses. The All Star Fortniter was Allie Holcomb.

We also had an emote dance competition, and our 3 winners were Emily Brogan, Allie Holcomb, Emma Barron, and the ultimate Fortniter and winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Sarah Katherine Williams.

Fun and Games

Today at Fun and Games, the girls came over to the Camp Mac Gymnasium to play some Sprouts! The MVP from 2nd period was Cella Perullo. The MVP from 3rd period was Rowan Tice. The MVP from 4th period was Millie Dubroc.

The winner of the “ratta tatta, ratta tatta, win a big ole cowboy hatta” was Carly Finger.



Today the boys of B-2 came on down to the ole Camp Mac Green for some Putt-Putt. AJ Miller, Jake Miller, Aaron Ashbaker, and Ben Swartz each got 1 hole in one. Benjamin Walker, Rex Hirsch, and McKay Godwin each got 2 hole in ones!

We also played a Closest to the Hole Competition, and our winners were McKay Godwin and Aaron Ashbaker.


Today during electives, G-2 came on down to the tramps and had a High Jump Competition. Our winners were Sadie Denson, Lawson Kimbrel, and Mamie Langley!

League Games

On the slightly humid, yet still 87 degrees Court 1, the sun was calmly setting as Hadley and Lauren’s Loving Llamas and Maddie’s Monsters had an extravagant match of Newcomb that ended with a W for the Llamas at exactly 5:06 PM. From the Llamas, Grace Bowman played like the most warm and snuggly llama. From the Monsters, Emmy Baron played like the most fierce monster of them all.

On the super shady Court 2, Emerson’s M&Ms took the W against Miller and Amelia’s Awesome Acrobats. From the M&Ms, Savannah Amos played like a caramel M&M. From the Acrobats, Kingsley Crawford played like a young Simone Biles.

On the hot Field 1, Mary Brook’s Mighty Minions faced Eleanor’s Eagles in an intense game of Kickball that ended with the Minions stomping on the Eagles. From the Eagles, MK Tidell played like the eagle with the biggest nest, and from the Minions, Sadie Denson played like Gru.

From the Dining Hall For breakfast we had Cinnamon Rolls with Bacon, Eggs, Toast, and Strawberries.  For lunch we had BBQ Haystacks on French Fries with Shredded Cheese, and Sliced Pickles. We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches. For dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies. For Dinner we had Catfish with Hushpuppies, Seasoned Fries, Onion Rings, Cole Slaw, a Salad Bar, and PB&Js. For dessert we had Chocolate Pudding!


Ross Cummings gave our message tonight.

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Talent Night!

Performances were done by Ida Hirsch, Alexander Kinney & Laurens Smith, Rowan Tice, Emily Brigman & Savannah Amos, Sadie Smith, Merin Povall, Harper Nichols & Charlotte Scribner, Molly Kathryn Tidwell, Caroline Coffman & Jordan Knight, Cadence Cross and Eleanor Oswalt, Elise Bengtson & Emma Evans, Abby Bridges, “The Slay Queens” (Hannah Meadows, Allie Holcomb, Caroline Parks, & Evangeline Schmidt), and Brooklyn Helms with Elizabeth Anne Kinney, Neelle Moore, & Emma Robertson.