June 28th 2018

Morning Activities


Ellie Mostellar- 32, 34, & 35.
Joan Taylor- passed off pro marksman.
Wey Marston- 30.
Lily Close- 32.
Clarkie Wilkinson- passed off pro marksman.

Taylor Goodrich- 39.
Sophia Lanier- passed off marksman & 33 (sitting).
Ann Chason Brock- 31.
Margaret Adkins- 34 & 35.
Peyton Frazer- 30.
Rylan Ross- 43.

Kate Wallace- 31 & 35.
Julia Wiedmer- 33.
Chloe Shaffer- 33 (sitting).
Sarah Inskeep- 34.
Maddie Roy- 31.
Parker Whittington- 36.
Brooke Oakley- passed off marksman.
Emma Moose- passed off marksman.


Lower Lake:
Jake Magid passed off 3rd class kneeboarding & 3rd class skiing.
Ethan Yi passed off 2nd class wake-boarding.
Grant Steed passed off 1st class wake-boarding.
Henry Sullivan got up on skis by himself for the 1st time.

Wilderness Skills

The girls went to Salt Creek Falls!


The Rough Riders had All-Day Horseback.

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had French Toast, bacon, fresh fruit, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had ham or tuna salad sandwiches, potatoe chips, PB&J, a salad bar, and rice krispie treats for dessert. For dinner, we had catfish, French fries, pizza sticks, and hushpuppies. A salad bar, PB&J, and Dirt Cake were also available.

Afternoon Activities


Team Roping

Shooting Sports

Patrick Bingham shot 3/10.
Matthew Cater shot 5/10.
Riley Christ shot 9/10.
Sam Becdach shot 7/10.
Logan Mastaw shot 5/10.

Kate Wheeler shot 8/20.
Kate Sokol shot 1/20
Paige Stewart shot 9/20.
Sarah Beth Rikard shot 15/20.
Kendall Gilreath shot 4/20.


Tonight our speaker was Carolyn Cowper, and our choir was G-3.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had Rec Hall!

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had Courts & a Night Swim!

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