June 22nd 2024

Morning Activities


Today at Swimming we had some treading water competitions where James Garrett and Thomas Weiss won! Then we had some stride jump contests which Garrett Davis, and Jack Taylor won. Then Jeb Braxton won a game of Sharks & Minnows!


Today at Upper Lake Skiing, we had 2 first time skiers, Morris Smith and Mack Gunn! We also had some pass offs! Henry Swann passed off 1st class wakeboarding, Jack Taylor passed off 1st class skiing, Charlie cox passed off 3rd class skiing, Charlie Boiles passed off 3rd class kneeboarding, and Joe Garrett passed off 1st class kneeboarding! Down at Lower Lake Skiing, Murray Lorberbaum was a first time skier! Also Ace Gucker passed off 3rd class kneeboarding, and Al Smyly passed off 3rd class wakeboarding!

Team Sports

Today the boys came down to Team Sports and played some ultimate frisbee. In first period, Maloy’s Team won, and the MVP was Eli Sweeney. In 2nd period, Tim’s Team won and the MVP was Mack Gunn. In 3rd period, Maloy’s team won and the MVP was Will Vosburg. In 4th period, Maloy’s Team won and the MVP was Grady Coder!

The winner of the “Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna” was Murray Seifert!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games the boys came down and we went to the climbing wall! From 1st period, Maclin Smith and Charlie Boiles both climbed 9/12 panels! In 2nd period Brock Wallace made it all the way to the top, and so did David Oglethorpe! From 3rd period, Rex Gucker also made it all the way to the top! In 4th period, Jett Gucker made it up 11/12 panels!

The winner of the “ratta tatta, ratta tatta, win a big ole cowboy hatta” was Finn Westover!


Today the girls came over and shot some high scores and passed off some classes! McCartney Foote shot a 32, Lizzie Gentle shot a 37, Allison Davis shot a 41, Annie Carroll shot a 33, Maggie Elliot shot a 34, Lucy Hubbard shot a 36 and passed off Marksman, Vivian Austin shot a 32, Helen Hinton shot a 31, Libby Nash shot a 32, Lizzy Grace Jefferies shot a 31, Mia Thompson shot a 34, Rivers Bell shot a 33, Evelyn Cannon shot a 32, Penelope Hudgins shot a 36, Olivia Vosburg shot a 38, Rylie Andrews shot a 33, Zoe Sweeney passed off Marksman, Katherine Tuten shot a 35, Morgan Sessions shot a 38, Callie Davis shot a 32, and Anna Harrison McGehee shot a 34!



Today at Boy’s Fishing, Christian Gray caught 1 fish, and Garrett Davis caught 2 fish!


At Girl’s Tramps, Lottie Badham, Wiley Kinney, and Lucie Grunewald all passed off 1st class!

Shooting Sports

Today at Girl’s and Boy’s Shooting Sports we had our Shootout Matches! For the Girls the winner was Mary Stuart Strom, and for the boys the winner was Jeb Braxton!

League Games

Today on the breezy court 2, Mack’s Minions engulfed Ian’s Enderdragons in a despicable game of volleyball. For the Dragons, Ace Gucker played like a star. From the Minions, Grayson Mills played like he stole the moon!

Today on the warm field 1, Jack and the Beanstalks score more runs than Marshall’s team in a frosty chill game of softball. Repping Marshall’s team, Tucker Appleton played like Johnny Appleseed in the flesh. Representing the Beanstalks, Mack Gunn played cunningly!

Today on the sunny field 2, Hail’s and Mikey’s Mike and Ikes were the downfall for Crawford Chameleon’s undefeated season! Representing the Mike and Ikes, Graham Newsom played like the best Graham at Camp Mac. From the Chameleons, Callan Rainer played colorfully!

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast we had Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Grits, and Cereal! For lunch we had Turkey Wraps with Chips. We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches. For dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies. For Dinner we had Pizza and Wings! We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches!  For dessert we had Ice Cream!

Happy Birthday!

Wishing Lucie Grunewald a happy birthday!


Tonight our speaker was Crawford Badham

Tonight for Night Rec...

Tonight we had the Swim Meet! Below are our Sprinters and Divers that competed!

Mary Lee Burkhalter
Ginny Voss
Annie Carrington
Libby Nash
Allison Davis
Fair Taylor
Hayes Youngner
Mia Carollo
Avery Wiard
Murray Lorberbaum
Cole Davis
Charlie Boiles
Sam Taylor
Rex Gucker
Jett Gucker
Matt Vosburg
Liles Garrett
Bo Giordano

3rd Grade
Ace Gucker
Cole Davis
Murray Lorberbaum
Bennett Jefferies
Rawlins Jordan
Paige Newsom
4th Grade
Rex Gucker
Bennett Kirk
Grady Coder
Cash Britton
Annie Carrington
Lizzie Gentle
5th Grade
Graham Newsom
Maclin Smith
Thomas Weiss
Kaygan Frith
Essie McCloy
Sophia Spencer
6th Grade
Charlie Boiles
Pierson Kirk
Mason Lark
Lizzy Grace Jefferies
Lucie Grunewald
Helen Hinton
7th Grade
Colin Gentle
Bo Giordano
Lassiter Silsbee
Mary Ellen Badham
Mary Lee Burkhalter
Evelyn Cannon
8th Grade
John Clarke Gentle
Hampton Long
Judson Mallory
Callie Davis
Ginny Voss
Caroline Wyatt