June 16th 2024

Flag Raising

US Flag Bearers:
B-5: James Garrett
B-3: William Bayless
B-2: Drew Scott
B-1: Thomas Weiss
Cheaha: Levi McClendon
Chinnabee: Jackson Ward
B-0: Bob Meador
G-4: Charlie Brackin
G-3: Julia Downey
G-2: Elin Sebert
G-1: Mollie Temples
G-0: Kathleen Wilkinson
Oak: Fair Taylor
Lake: Anna Harrison McGehee

State Flag Bearers:
Alabama - John- Clark Gentle
Colorado - Penelope Swann
Florida - Mason Lark
Georgia - Jeb Braxton
Idaho - Morgan Sessions
Indiana - Ann Catherine Comer
Louisiana - Henry Vosburg
Mississippi - Leo Skelton
North Carolina - McCartney Foote
Oregon - Wyatt Olson
South Carolina - Katherine Tuten
Tennesee - Maggie Elliot
Texas - Callie Davis
Virginia - Judson Mallory
Wyoming - Harper Bextel

Sunday School

Our Girl's Head Counselor Becky Hudgins gave our message this morning.

Free Time

After Sunday School, the campers got to enjoy Free Time in the great weather.


Today the kids prepared for our camp-wide Sunday Inspection.

From the Dining Hall This morning, we had the famous Camp Mac Breakfast.  For lunch, we had Ham Wraps with Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Chips, and a Salad Bar. For Dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And to end the day, we had Chicken Alfredo with Garlic Bread and a Salad Bar. For Dessert, we had Banana Pudding.

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Movie Night!

The girls watched Lilo & Stitch, and the boys watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop!