June 14th 2021

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today the winner of the winna winna chicken dinna was Caroline Wyatt!


Upper Lake Skiing:
Kate Bender - 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Gabriella Baldassari - 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Elizabeth Cobb - 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Miller Cox - 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Anne Wilkinson - 3rd Class Skiing

Lower Lake Skiing:
Sadie Carrington - 1st Class Wakeboard
Amelia Crocker - 3rd Class Kneeboard

Wilderness Skills

Today at Wilderness Skills, we had campout prep day and had a little wood collecting competition. For the Rough Riders, the winner was Will Fedler. For the Wranglers, the winner was Wake Rushin. And for the Dudes, the winner was Brock Wallace.

Fun & Games

The winner of the Ratta tatta is Bess Whitten!



Lena Daley caught a stick!


Boys Tramps:
Miles Cummings - 3rd Class
Colin Gentle - 3rd Class
Samuel Taylor - 3rd Class
Parker Silsbee - 3rd Class
Robert Giordano - 3rd Class
Mason Lark - 3rd Class
Crawford Badham - 3rd Class

Girls Tramps:
Rylie Andrews - 3rd Class
Mary Wilis - 3rd Class
Amelia Pazone - 3rd Class
Lauren Lee - 3rd Class and 2nd Class
Avery Wiard - - 3rd Class

League Games

On the radical court one, Chippy's Chipmunks had the comeback of the century against JuJu on That Beat. From JuJu on that beat, Mallory Shavor really got the groove, and Lily Brown played like the Chief Chipmunk.

On the intense court 2 Claire's Hillmoney Hillbilly's came out on top in a spicy game of volleyball against Wheely's hot wheels. From the hot wheels, Ellie Mostella played like she drove Nascar herself. From the Hillmoney Hillbilly's Madison Yi played like the richest hillbilly.

Today on the Fancy field 1, Fish's Fishies dominated the Dynamite Dominators in a ferocious game of kickball. From the Dominators Mary Gross played daringly and from the Fishies Emily Clarke played like a true mermaid.

Today on the shady field 2, Cayden's Kickballers lived up to their name in a nail biting game of kickball against Chloe's Chips and Guacamole. In the end, the kickballers devoured the Chips and Guacamole. From the Chips and Guac, Cheney Humphreys played extra spicy and from the Kickballers, Campbell Mendheim played like a true baller.

Today on the soccer field, Katie's Kung Fu Fighters and Rosemary lil' Sprouts played in an intense game of soccer. From the Kung Fu Fighters, Lena Daley played like a young Poe. From the Lil Sprouts, Caroline Wyatt played like a young AE.

Today in the musty gym, Mers Mighty Munchkins defeated Sarah Kate's Air Conditioners. From the Munchkins, Bess Whitten played like a Munchkin herself, and from the Air Conditioners Riley Andrews played like the game room Air Conditioner.

Today on the fiery tennis court 1, Sarah's Sparklers extinguished Sarah Parker's Dragons. From the Sparklers, Eliza Reynolds shined the brightest, and from the Dragons, Celia Albright had a mighty roar!

From the Dining Hall For breakfast, we had Camp Mac Breakfast! For lunch, we had ham sandwiches with chips and a cookie! For dinner, we had spaghetti with garlic bread with an option of a salad!


Megan Sumrall gave tonight's message.

Tonight for Night Rec..

Chinnabee, B-0, Lake Cabin, and G-0 played volleyball!

G-3, G-2, B-2, B-3 played bombardment!

Oakridge, G-5, G-4, G-1, B-5, Cheaha, B-4, B-1 had freetime on the courts.