June 11th 2024

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today during 1st period JV came to Team Sports and played bombardment! Tim’s Team dominated and Lassiter Silsbee was MVP. During 2nd period The Blue Bank BBQs defeated the unpickled pickles and the MVP was Charlie Boiles. During 3rd period Hail’s Henchmen and Vann’s Buddies faced off with Hail’s team coming out on top. The MVP was Judson Mallory. During 4th period, the Red Team beat the Blue team and James Garrett was the MVP.

The winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Jackson David!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games the senior boys came down and we played some human foosball! From the Hotshots the “Sign your name here’s” dominated the Sea Pickles. The MVP Wass Henri Schoenvogel. From Varsity, The Blue team defeated Bob’s Ballers. The MVP was Rafa Johnson. From the rookies the Foosball Players crushed the GOATS. The MVP was Rex Gucker. From JV, Sks Pterodactyls destroyed the Blue Baboons. The MVP was Eli Sweeney.

The winner of the “ratta tatta, ratta tatta, win a big old cowboy hatta!” Was Dixon Mcloy.



Today at Girl’s Tennis we had a Pickle Ball Tournament! The winning team was Kathleen Wilkinson, and Katherine Tuten!


Today at Boy’s Fishing, George Stewart caught 3 fish. Steal Smith caught and kissed 1 fish!, Henry Simmons caught 1 fish, William Bayless caught 2 fished and kissed them, and Briggs Man caught and kissed 1 fish! Today at Girl’s Fishing, Lucy David caught 1 fish!


Today at boys adventure we went up to the Zipline and played Balls of Glory! Lassiter Silsbee, Richard Delaney, Charlie Boiles, Miles Cummings, and Eli Sweeney all caught 3 balls. Bo Giordano dominated though by catching 5 balls!


Today at Boy’s Tramps we had some passoffs! Thomas Weiss, Logan Sawyer, Berkeley King, Morris Smith, and Reyn Sims all passed off 3rd class! Charlie Brinson also passed of 2nd class!

League Games

On this wonderful June day, Jack and the Giant Bean Stalks slammed down on Marshall’s Team. From the Giant Bean Stalks, Will Vosburg played like the Giantest Bean Stalk, and from Marshall’s Team, Hampton Long played like Michael Jordan in the finals.

On Court 2, Crawford’s Chameleons beat out Hail’s Hungry Hornets with the comeback of the century. From the Hornets, Rowan Falkson played like the king of the hive, and from the Chameleons, Lassiter Silsbee played like an animal at the top of the food chain!

Today on the grassy field 1, Graham’s Giants trampled over Ian’s Team in an intense game of kickball. From the Giants, Joseph Bedsore played like Barry Bond’s himself. From Ian’s team, Drew Scott played like the greatest of all time!

Today on Camp Mac’s Wrigley Field 2, George’s Goats settled the beef with Mikey’s Jordans in a heavily intense game of kickball. For the Jordans, Rhodes David played like Michael Jordan. For the Goats, Henry David played like if Mike Trout happened to join a kickball team.

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast we had Sausage, Eggs, Toast, Grits, and Cereal! For lunch we had BBQ Haystacks. We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches. For dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies. For Dinner we had Lasagna Pasta Bake, Broccoli, and Garlic Bread. We also had a Salad Bar and PB&J Sandwiches. For Dessert we had Oreo Pudding! 


Megan Sumrall gave our message tonight.

Tonight for Night Rec...

The Juniors had Cabin Competitions, our 7th and 8th graders had a Swing Dancing Lesson, and the rest of the Seniors had Night Swim