July 4th 2019

Morning Activities


Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

Graham Ward passed off Pro Marksman
Andrew Wallace - 44, 44 (tied for high of the summer!)
Mack Pinel - 38
Gray Bias - 38
Angus James - 39
Kade Hudson - 42


Down at Upper Lake and the Deathly Shallows pt. 1, we had the ladies come
down and pass off some classes!
*Passing off 3rd Class Wakeboarding*:
Sadie Leland
Nancy Laughbaum
Reese Magid
*Passing off 2nd Class Skiing*:
Kate Wheeler
*Passing off Expert Kneeboarding*:
Mary Jack Gordon
*First Time Skier*!!
Ashiana Sapkota

Over at L Squared aka Lower Lake, the girls hung out, passed some classes,
and had a great time on the lake.
*Passing off 3rd Class Wakeboarding*:
Parker Whittington
*Passing off 2nd Class Wakeboarding*:
Kate Moreland
Campbell Long
*Passing off 1st Class Kneeboarding*:
Margret Adkins
*Passing off Expert Kneeboarding*:
Sadie Carrington

Team Sports

Today the girls came down to Dojo and played some soccer!
JV - Erdman's Earwax beat AE's Sicko Monkeys 2-0. World Cup winners were
Madison Yi & Taylor Goodrich. The MVP was Eleanor Finkle
Varsity - Erdman's Durags beat AE's IOUs 1-0. World Cup winners were Kate
Sokol & Kate Wallace. The MVP was Caroline Calhoun
Rookies - AE's Sunscreen and Erdman's Eyebrows tied 1-1. World Cup winners
were Alice Kate Krawczyk & Katherine Tuten and Vivi Frazier & Eleanor
Adkins. The MVP was Eleanor Adkins
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Kate Sokol!

Fun & Games

Today the ladies came down and played Ping-Pong and Pickleball!
1st period - Anna Brown was the King of the Court Champion
2nd period - Claire Hillman was the King of the Court Champion
3rd period - Taylor Goodrich was the King of the Court Champion
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Anna Rucker!

Arts & Crafts

We recently had Tie-Dye Day and some of our favorites go to:
Jake Magid
Lucy Palmer
Sadie Leland
Reese Farrell

Dining Hall

We started this patriotic morning with a bang and also some blueberry

For lunch, we had BLT and bologna sandwiches.

We ended the day with BBQ and Ribs with egg salad and coleslaw!



Today the boys and girls went up to Yorktown (aka Airsoft) and took part in the final battle reenactment of the Revolutionary War.

After 2 intense battles, the Americans were victorious both times. We also
played a round of Battle Royale and Ethan Yi and Angus James were the

The girls rewrote history today. The British forces overthrew the Americans
in our Revolutionary Reenactment

Shooting Sports

Today the guys and girls came down and had decision day! Both groups shot
to see if they earned a spot in the Camp Mac Shooting Competition!

Baden Wallace - 12 clays
JD Lewis - 12 clays
John Martin - 13 clays
Zach Carter - 5 clays
Will Fiedler - 7 clays
Barr Chavers - 13 clays
Spencer Marston - 13 clays
The boys entering the Shooting Competition are John Martin, Barr Chavers,
Spencer Marston, and Baden Wallace

Mary Jack Gordon - 8 clays
Sutton Dodd - 2 clays
Evie Tuten - 2 clays
Mattie Bingham - 11 clays
Julia Wiedmer - 9 clays
Mary Eason Robinson - 11 clays
Reese Farrell - 10 clays
The girls entering the Shooting Competition are Mary Eason Robinson, Mary
Jack Gordon, Caroline Calhoun, and Mattie Bingham

League Games

Today on Court 1, Scott's Mason Jars destroyed the Cutie Pies in a close
game of Newcomb. From the Mason Jars, Vann Dawson-Flanigan played like the
American Sniper, and Crawford BAdham played swimmingly for the Cutie Pies

Over on Court 2, Bechdach's Bechdads schooled Preston's Panthers in an epic
game of Newcomb. From the Bechdads, Graham Sims played like Bechdad's
BecGrandfather. From the Panthers, Gray Bias was the Spirit of the Court

Down on the Soccer Field, Robert's Boberts booted Joe's Toes. From the
Boberts, Tav Shaffer played unhuman-like, and Brandon Huff played like a
boss for the Toes

On the Fortnite Battlefield, Lukas & Slade's Slippery Salamanders secured
the bag against Will Kell To the Third Power. From the Salamanders, Dakota
Longshore played like a beast just being released from its cage. Chris
Price played Will Kellingly for the Will Kells


Tonight, our choir was Lake Cabin and our speaker was Carolyn Cowper, who
delivered a special Throwback Thursday 4th of July message.

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

Seniors had Rec Hall!

Junior Cabins

Juniors went down to to the Courts for some free play!


To celebrate this Fourth of July, we all gathered down at the grand stand
and watched the Camp Mac Firework Show!!