July 24th

Morning Activites


Today at Skiing, we had lots of campers passing off classes!

Caroline Dawson - 1st Class Skiing
Emily Dunn - 3rd Class Wakeboard
Mia Warner - 2nd Class Wakeboard
Katie Dyess - 2md Class Kneeboard
Mae Lowery - 2nd Class Kneeboard, 3rd Class Wakeboard
Ellie Hill - 3rd Class Skiing
Mattie Bingham - 2nd Class Skiing
Gracie Meadows - 3rd Class Wakeboard
Tille Gavitt - 2nd Class Skiing
Sofia Rueda - 3rd Class Kneeboard
Sara Bourkard - 1st Class Wakeboard


Today at Riflery, we had many great scores shot and many classes passed off!

Cooper Kennedy - 38, 41
Jack Bakken - Marksman
Til Wagner - Pro-Marksman
Benjamin Bernston - Marksman
Tommy Wagner - Marksman
Sanders Cummings - Marksman
Joe Brown - 35, 37
Cale Smith - 40
Max Shackleford - Pro-Marksman
Tilghman Tate - 45 (High Score of the Term!!!)
Riley Lange - 38
Matthew Rainer - Pro-Marksman
Will Harris - 36, 37, 39
Rich Hall - Marksman 1st Class
Hays Brown - 39
Zachary Meadows - 35
Will Byrd - 36
Evan Schulhofer - 42
Ethan Eastman - 36, 39, 40, Marksman
Colin Snyder - Marksman 1st Class
Cade Smith - 38


Today at Sports, we had an awesome time at the Climbing Wall! The girls who made it all the way to the top were: Emily Dunn, Caroline Dawson, Rachel McDaniel, Bea Wiggins, Sophie Broutin, & Chloe Rowe


Today, we had a great time competing in Barrel Races at Horseback!

The top Barrel Racing times were:

Rough Riders
David Schmidt, 22.42
William Henderson, 22.06
Harrison Tuck, 21.40

Joe Brown, 22.59
Lyman Starmer, 22.21
Niall Anderson, 22.07

Cooper Kennedy, 24.93
Jack Bakken, 23.90
Tradd McDaniel, 23.14


Today, Lauren Walston completed the Obstacle Course the quickest, with a time of 1:15.72.

From the Dining Hall

Today, for breakfast, we had Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Grits, Oatmeal, Toast, Juice, Milk, and Assorted Cereal. For lunch, we had Taco Salad, a Salad Bar, and PB&J. For supper, we had Chicken Pot Pie, Burritos, Garlic Toast, PB&J, a Salad Bar, and Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert.

League Games

On Court 1, Where the Wilder Things Are defeated Emily's Electric Feels. From the Feels, Hollis Boudreaux was a super star and from the Wilder Things, Dallas Coleman was a boss.

On Field 1, Grace's Goats crunched Lucy's Abs once again. From the Goats, Benson Knowles played like it was her birthday. From the Abs, Samantha Spielberger played swimmingly!

On Field 2, AE & FB's Major Keys won yet another one against MC's McNuggets! From the Keys, Rumsey Fry had killer hits. From the McNuggets, Reeves Gardner played amazingly.

In the Gym, We Don't Take Elles took yet another "L" against Virginia's French Fries. From the Elles, Killian Delaney was killin' it! From the Fries, Rachel Bethke played like a champion!


Tonight, our choir was G-1! Olivia Bernston, Kendall Moore, and Caroline Henshaw gave our message about approaching the last week of camp with the right perspective.

Tonight, for Night Rec, We Got...


Rec Hall!

Senior Boys


Senior Girls


Happy Birthday, Benson Knowles!!!

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