July 17th 2019

Morning Activities


The boys came up to the rifle range and learned all about gun safety!
Our high scores of the day were:
Johnathan Pollitt - 30, 32, 30
Matthew Pennington - 35, 39
William Echols - 30, 32
Joe Brown - 36, 38
Olen Edwards - 32
Patrick Dowd - 38
Will Scholl - 32
Nolan Shaver - 38


It was the boys' turn to come up to skiing and get things started!
First Time Skiers!!
Savannah Rhodes
Lauren Carrington
Passing 3rd Class Kneeboarding:
Killian Delaney
Abigail Anderson
Kinleigh Freeman
Ann Rollins Brown
Katie Kirkpatrick
Leisel Maner
Kate Bakken
Lena Daley
Amelia Lacey
Passing 3rd Class Skiing:
Savannah Rhodes
Ellie Gribbin


The ladies came down and learned how to do a stride jump, and at the end of each period, we had a competition!
The winners were:
Rookies - Mae Mae Duhan
JV - Izzy Bauhm
Varsity - Mallory Shaver, Layla Mince, Chloe Rowe, Rachel Bethke

Team Sports
Today at the Camp Mac Dojo for Sports, the girls came down and learned all the rules for League Games and how to fall properly.
The girls who did the most roll in the given time were:
JV - Emma Lou Giordano
Varsity - Mallory Shaver
Rookies - Ann Everett Simon

Dining Hall

This morning, we had Camp Mac Breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, toast) and assorted cereal!

For Lunch, we sat down to BBQ Sandwiches and Tatertots!

Finally, we ended the day with Catfish and Hushpuppies or Pizza Sticks and Fries!



We had the Camp Mac Green & White Tournament, and the White Team won!
White Team:
Mary Culpepper
Abigail Anderson
Herrin Tate
Meryl Dubroc
Also, Abigail Anderson won the Drop-Out Competition

Shooting Sports

Cale Smith - 9 clays
David Giordano - 7 clays
Joe Brown - 8 clays
Charles Reed - 7 clays
Hart James - 1 clay
Riley Lange - 8 clays
Manu Porter - 8 clays
Tommaso Gaudio - 5 clays
Alex Banik - 5 clays

Claire Abrams - 2 clays
Autumn Zwilling - 2 clays
Emily Dunn - 4 clays
Rachel Bethke - 3 clays
Lauren Tapley - 5 clays
Illiana Mays - 1 clay
Virginia Echols - 4 clays


Passing 3rd Class:
Phillip Bove
Passing 1st Class:
Tharpe Pettis
David Lotts

Passing 2nd Class:
Kate Bakker
Amelia Crocker
Katie Kirkpatrick
Passing 1st Class:
Virginia Otto

League Games

On the soggy Court 1, the Howdy Dowdies and EB's Browskies faced off in a suspenseful game of volleyball. In the end, the Dowdies came out victorious. From the Browskies, Mary Cates Freeman played superbly, and Rachel Bethke served aces all around for the Dowdies.

Over on the slippery Court 2, Lauren's lil Crispspspsps demolished Lucile's Ballers in a steamy game of volleyball. On the Ballers, Zoe Russo played dashingly. For the Crisps, Caroline Carrington had some beguiling serves.

Up on the muddy Field 1, Mamma Mia's danced their way to victory against the Anacondas. Hollis Tate was money money money for the Anacondas, and Ella Stoned was a queen for the Mamma Mias.

On the sizzling Field 2, EG's Peas devoured Roma's Raviolis in a spicy game of kickball. For the Raviolis, Mary Lasley Pike played like an absolute boss. For the Peas, Lulu Gribbin played like a young AE.


Tonight our choir was cabin G-Zero and our speaker was Corbin Castro!

Night Rec

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had Cabin Competitions down in the Sports Area.

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had College Night in the Rec Hall!