Getaway: March 27-28, 2021

Weekend Getaway



Pollen Showers Among The Pines were just one of the amazing aspects of the Getaway Guest Experience this weekend! Those showers and the Sunday morning showers didn’t slow anyone down…

We had young and older stepping out of their comfort zones to scale the rappelling wall, swing high in the trees on the zipline or over Lower Lake and conquer mud packed trails on both a horse for the first time or in a trail cart… always with huge smiles on their faces!

Family games of ping-pong, basketball, putt-putt, shuffleboard and BG Ball while some of the younger guests raced through the obstacle course to emerge covered in yellow from the now dubbed “Pollen Pit” for the weekend! And yes, Pollen Art is a thing!

Archery proved to still be a favorite, while riflery tested the skilled and first-timers, and both hit the target with excellent precision.

We had 4 of our youngest guests sing the blessing for our meal and you can imagine how wonderful that was!

The Buckin’ Bull was a challenge for all, skeet shooting saw nervous guests get into a groove and go from not hitting the clay targets to blowing one after another away! An impromptu Wilderness Skills lesson happened in the Quadrangle when a Georgia Brown snake meandered in and our staff taught the guests all about it!

A young guest, about 7, said, “ I had the best day of my life, and I can’t wait for June 1st”! Which is high praise when you are 7!

A mom said, “This has been great! I wanted my children to go to the camp I attended but my husband always said Camp Mac is better, and he is right. This is SO much better!”

And like we’ve heard on check out days for decades… We’ve had so much fun we want to stay… We don’t want to leave!


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