Coordinators 2023

2023 Coordinators

Graham Nelson

My name’s Graham Nelson, and I’m an Associate Director at Camp Mac.
This is my 17th summer! I graduated from UAB with a major in Marketing
I’m from Munford, Alabama

Wesley Frey

Hey! I’m Wesley Frey, and I’m the Special Events Coordinator this summer!
This will be my 15th summer at Camp Mac!
I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and I graduated from the University of Alabama with an Arts and Science degree.

David Schmidt

My name’s David Schmidt, and I’ll be one of the Sr. Counselor Coordinators this summer.
This will be my 11th summer at Camp Mac!
I'm from Covington, Louisiana, and I attend LSU where I’m studying Business.

Blake Wheeler

My name is Blake Wheeler! This summer I’ll be one of the Senior Staff Coordinators, and this will be my 13th summer among the pines! I’m from Aberdeen, MS and graduated from Ole Miss last May with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

Ada Bickerstaff

My name’s Ada Bickerstaff, and I’ll be one of the JC Coordinators this summer!
This will be my 13th summer
I’m from Columbus, Georgia, and I go to Wofford College with a major in Environmental Science.

Gray Fowler

My name’s Gray Fowler, and I’ll be one of the CIT Coordinators this summer.
This is my sixth summer at Camp Mac!
I’m from Mobile, Alabama, and I go to Auburn University where I’m studying Historical

Roo Nelson

My name is Roo!
I am the Staff Wellness Coordinator this summer
This will be my 2nd summer at Camp Mac
I’m double majoring in Couches and Fetch at My Backyard University
I’m from Munford, Alabama!