Cabin Time


  • Big Mable
  • Blob
  • Buckin' Bull
  • Climbing and Rappelling
  • Iceberg
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Sky Ryder
  • Wet Willie Water Slide
  • League Games

Big Mable

Imagine this: you're hanging on for dear life with your best buds, screaming with laughter as you bounce and fly across the lake. No, you're not superheroes defying gravity – you're riding Big Mable, Camp Mac’s legendary inflatable monster tube!

Big Mable is like a giant, bouncy, floating, flying Lazy Boy that gets whipped across the water by a super-fast boat! Hold on tight as you twist, turn, and bounce over the waves, feeling the wind whip through your hair and the spray tickle your face. It's a wild ride that'll have you and your friends shrieking with laughter and begging for more!

More than just a thrill ride, Big Mable is another Camp Mac highlight that brings everyone together! You'll high-five your BFFs after surviving a particularly gnarly wave, share smiles and cheers after a smooth arrival at the ski dock, and maybe even swap funny faces when you get splashed! It's the perfect mix of excitement, thrills, and laughter that make camp memories truly unforgettable.

So, are you ready to ditch those boring pool floats and conquer the mighty Big Mable? Get ready for an epic adventure that'll have you grinning from ear to ear and leave you wanting more! Just remember to hold on tight – Big Mable don't leave nothin’ on the table!


You jump off the platform and you hit that big pillow and you sink in and that’s fun, but then you crawl out to the end and sit there and wait…. Your buddy jumps off the platform, onto the Blob, and BOOM! The air pressure catapults you up in the air and into the water! After that, you can fly through the air on the rope swing – just like the ones Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn used on the creek bank! But Tom and Huck probably couldn’t do a flip off the end of the rope – can you?!

Buckin' Bull

Just like in the rodeo, climb on, give the nod, and say “Let’s go, boys!” 8 seconds seems like forever when you're on the back of a bull!

Climbing and Rappelling

Climbing and rappelling are not just exciting activities – they’re true confidence builders! Thinking you can do something scary or difficult is really just a thought – working hard and actually doing something scary or difficult stays with you the rest of your life.

8th grade boys and girls begin to realize what they are capable of when they face their apprehensions and “learn the ropes”!

The instruction begins on our 20-foot and 40-foot walls where campers learn basic rappelling and climbing techniques. At the end of the term, those campers with the skill and the desire go on a field trip to Alabama’s highest peak, Cheaha Mountain, where they rappel down a 100-foot tall granite cliff!


The Iceberg is 14 feet tall and floats in the middle of the lake. Three sides are for climbing up – and one side is for sliding down! Global warming is a good thing for this Iceberg! And while your friends are climbing up and sliding down, you can swim over and ride the ring around the Saturn!

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Have you ever dreamed of being a pirate conquering a ship's rigging, a monkey swinging through the jungle, or maybe even an action hero leaping from platform to platform? Well, at Camp Mac's waterfront obstacle course, you can be all of those things and more!

Picture this: a giant floating playground right on the lake, with challenges like walking the plank, leaping across the hurdles and beating your bestie through the twisty! You’ll balance on floating platforms that feel like stepping stones across crocodile-infested waters! (Don't worry, there aren’t really crocodiles. Crocodiles live in Australia. Only alligators live in the US)

As you scramble, splash, and laugh your way through the course, you'll be putting your agility, balance, and speed to the test. But don't worry, you won't be going it alone. There will be awesome counselors there to cheer you on and help you out if you get stuck!

By the end of the day, you'll be more confident, more resilient (and definitely more soaked) than when you started! And you'll have memories of your aquatic adventure at Camp Mac that will last a lifetime! So grab your swimsuit and get ready to make a splash!

Sky Ryder

The Sky Ryder is not just a zip line, it’s two zip lines – over 1000 feet combined length. You’ll strap yourself in your harness and clip on to the cable on the platform at the Campfire area and head down the hill through the trees to the lake! As you pick up speed you’ll leave the woods and burst into the open air above the lake - a hundred feet up, flying through the sky, looking down at your friends on the Summit and the Blob!

As you sail over the lake, you look ahead and see the trees on the other shore are fast approaching, and you wonder if you’ll fit through the green tunnel of leaves ahead. You almost want to close your eyes and brace for impact – but as you soar gracefully through the canopy and onto the landing platform, you realize there’s no need to. You made it!

But you can’t relax too much – it’s time to walk up the hill and get strapped in to catch the next zip line back to camp – and do it all over again!

Wet Willie Water Slide

Buckle up your lifejacket and get ready for the slide of your life! Start out at the top of the hill and begin the 165 foot ride down the ginormous Wet Willie Waterslide! When you hit the jump in the middle, you’ll go airborne and fly into the bottom section of the slide! By the time you can catch your breath you’ll be flying again – right into Lower Lake! After that, if you’re up to it, you can head across the Rope Bridge, take a ride down the Zip Line, and drop off into the water!

League Games

League games bring the fun and excitement of team competition to camp! Players are drafted, schedules are posted, and the league teams play each other in sports such as Volleyball, Softball, Newcomb, Soccer, Bombardment, Ultimate Frisbee, and Kickball!

The winners in the Senior Terms will celebrate at the Camp Director’s home with a “charcoal-steak” dinner, and the Junior Term winners will enjoy a scrumptious ice cream party!

League Games are about competing. We keep score. We have winners and losers every day. And every night the winners and the losers sit down and eat supper together. Because, mainly, League games are about playing.

When asked his advice for young athletes, Michael Jordan replied, "Just play, have fun! Enjoy the game." That's exactly what our campers have been doing in League Games since 1948.