August 2nd 2019

Morning Activities


Passing Off Marksman:
Liam Baker
Robert Baird
Michael Helton
Jay Handmacher
John Carwie

Passing Off Pro Marksman:
Steven Beardsley
Pavel Pavlov
Lawson Gardner

Passing Off Marksman 1st Class:
Patrick Dowd

Passing Off Expert:
Joe Brown!!!


Caroline Carrington passed 2nd and 1st Class Wakeboarding
Mary Cates Freeman passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding
Amelia Crocker passed 3rd Class Skiing
Coco Moore passed 3rd Class Skiing
Eva Zunino passed 3rd Class Skiing
May Newman passed 3rd Class Skiing
Morgan Horsley passed 3rd Class Skiing
Sarah Neal DePiano passed 3rd Class Skiing
Meryl Dubroc passed 3rd Class Skiing
Mary Carter Culpepper - passed Expert Skiier!!

Team Sports

Capture the Chicken Day!
AE's Twinkle Toes beat Cherdman's Churros: 3-2. The MVPs were Whitney Collins and Sophie Broutin.
AE's PBs tied with Cherdman and da Gang 2-2. The MVPs were Emily Dunn and Kate Moore

AE' Baby Corns were defeated by Cherdman's Chimichangas 3-1. The MVPs were Mac Jacobs and Herrin Tate.

And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinner goes to Ann Rollins Brown!

Fun & Games

Scavenger Hunt Winners:
1st: Claire Pollitt and Katie Overholtz
2nd: Layla Mince, Blythe Jacobs, Sofia Rueda, and Claire Abrams
3rd: Morgan Horsley and Ella Stone

And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Claire Abrams!!

Dining Hall

We started the day with Blueberry Muffins and assorted cereals

Then we had Chicken Sandwiches with the option of a salad bar for Lunch

And we ended the day with Pizza & Wings and Ice Cream for Dinner



Today was Airsoft Battle Day!
Beran Hayden, Wiley Collins, and Tommy Wagner won Team Battle Royale twice.
Olen Edwards and Wiley Collins won Duo Battle Royale.

Livy Dunn and Gigi Myers won Duo Battle Royale.
Mary Carter Culpepper and Kassidy Eastman tied in a shootout!


The winner of Cricket in the Cage was Michal Morgan.
The winners of Around the World were Tommasso Gaudio, Thomas Lacy, and Johnathan Pollitt

The winners of Cricket in the Cage were Katie Kirkpatrick and Sophia Sanders.
The Queen of the Court was Katie Kirkpatrick!

Shooting Sports

Boys Shootout:
4th Place: Aiden Holmes
3rd Place: Lawson Gardner
2nd Place: Will Scholl
1st Place: John Carwie

Girls Shootout:
4th Place: Kate Moore
3rd Place: Frances Hodges
2nd Place: Caroline Carrington
1st Place: Layla Mince


Olivia Anderson passed off:
JR Yeoman
JR Yeoman Arrow
JR Bowman
JR Bowman Arrow

Elyse Kellard passed off:
JR Yeoman
JR Yeoman Arrow

Kinleigh Freeman passed off:
JR Yeoman
JR Yeoman Arrow

Chloe Fasanello passed off:
JR Yeoman
JR Yeoman Arrow

Ellie Gribbin passed off:
JR Yeoman
JR Yeoman Arrow

Whitney Collins passed off:
JR Yeoman
JR Yeoman Arrow


Today at Putt-Putt, we hosted the Camp Mac Masters!

The winner for the boys shot 7 over par! Robert Baird who took home the coveted green shirt! Robert also won dropout.

For the girls, Kate Wagner took home the coveted green shirt!


Tonight our Senior Staff provided our music, and our Camp Director, Allen McBride, gave our final message. Last night, we handed out our Daily Bible Reading Ribbons!

Night Rec

Awards Night!!!