Staff Spotlight!

Robert Daniel

Junior Counselor

This is my 9th summer “Among the Pines,” and I’m from Franklin, Tennessee! I definitely prefer Cowboys over Aliens because they have cooler accents and a pet horse. If we were playing “Truth or Dare,” I’d ask you to dare me to tell the truth…and the truth is, I prefer puppies over babies because you can never have too many puppies. You can DEFINITELY have too many babies. I’ll always pick chicken fingers over chicken nuggets because my favorite hot chicken place only serves fingers. Stripes > Solids because that is how Waldo got his fame, and Sunshine > Storms, because Camp is just more fun in the sun!

Elizabeth Bailey

Senior Counselor

I’m from Moss Point, Mississippi and cannot believe this will be my 13th summer at Camp Mac! I attend the University of Kentucky as a Nursing Major with a minor in psychology. It’s probably my psych minor kicking in, but when playing “Truth or Dare,” I always pick truth, because who doesn’t love a little bit of honesty?! Cowboys > Aliens because #DixieChicks…Cowboy Take Me Away, anyone??? I am Stripes over Solids alllllll the way and prefer chicken nuggets to chicken fingers, because they’re bite sized and just super easy! Give me sunshine over a storm — I can get outside and soak up that Vitamin D all day long!! And if I had to describe myself as a slacker or over-achiever, I’d have to say Slacker. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a Netflix day!

Jack Erdman

Senior Counselor

This upcoming summer will be my 10th “Among the Pines”! I am from Raleigh, North Carolina, but currently live in Greenville, NC as I am attending East Carolina University. I am looking to major in Business Management. I prefer Cowboys over Aliens. That way I can utilize skills learned at Camp, and I look good in Cowboy Hats. I would say dare over truth. That would open me up to trying things that I normally wouldn’t. Chicken nuggets (and grilled cheese) over chicken fingers every day of the week. While I do love sunshine and the warmth it brings, nothing beats a good thunderstorm. Puppies or Babies? Is that even a question? Puppies. I love dogs, especially my dog, Margaux. In some aspects I would definitely consider myself a slacker. However, if the task is one that I really care about or am passionate about, I am an over-achiever. I can’t wait to be back and look forward to a great summer!