July 27th 2018

Morning Activities


John Redd - 38 & 36.
Matthew Pennington - 31.

Will Scholl - 37, 38, 38, 30, 30, & 34
Tyler James - 38 & 41.
Drew Whitfield - 32.
James Hutchins - 30 & passed marksman.
Collin Webb - 35 & passed marksman.
Johnson Yarborough - 38.
Chad Bonner - 35.

Rough Riders:
Bibb Albright - 34, 40, & 39.
Tilghman Tate - 45, 43, 31 (sitting), 32 (sitting), & passed expert.
Joe Brown - 40, 37, & 36.
Colin Snyder - 30 & 35.
Matthew Rainer - 34, 33, 38, & 31.
Evan Schulhofer - 41 & 35.
Corbin Beal - 39, 38, & 41.
Ethan Eastman - 47 (new term high), 36, passed sharpshooter.
Patrick Dowd - 31.
Riley Lange - 40, 45, 38, 41, & passed expert.
Benjamin Baker - 33.
Olen Edwards - 37.
John Stephens - 40.


Upper Lake
Sarah Dowd passed first class wake-boarding.
Gigi Maniscalco passed second class kneeboarding.
Ashley Stratman passed second class kneeboarding.
Lulu Gribbin passed second class skiing.
Blythe Jacobs passed first class skiing.

From the Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we had had Camp Mac Breakfast (Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese grits, and buttered toast). Fresh fruit, assorted cereals, milk, and juice was available too as always.

For Lunch, we had Sloppy Joes, seasoned fries, and iced brownies for dessert. A salad bar, fresh fruit, and PB&J sandwiches were available too as always.

For dinner, everyone who did not win steaks had chicken tenders, baked potatoes, lima beans, yeast rolls, and ice cream for dessert. A salad bar, fresh fruit, and PB&J sandwiches were available too as always.

Afternoon Activities



Today, we had the qualifying round for the last Camp Mac Master's Tournament of the summer. Tommy Wagner & Nolan Shaver were the two qualifiers.


Jack Bakken caught four fish.
Tyler James caught two fish.

League Games

Today, the winning teams were treated to a steak dinner on Margie’s back porch.

(Images of teams not pictured can be viewed in our 3rd week photo gallery and Facebook.)

Cabin Time

During Cabin Time today, we gave out awards.


Tonight, our speaker was Carolyn Cowper; and our choir was our Junior Counselors.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Senior Cabins

The seniors had Rec Hall!

Junior Cabins

The juniors had Coke Night!

Everyone got a bag of Popcorn and their choice of Soda, and then we watched our End of Term video in the Little Theater.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see the day's pictures!   (Images do not necessarily corellate with the names of campers mentioned in corresponding news article.)