July 20th 2018

Morning Activities


Today was “Bullseye Bananza Day”

John Redd - 30.
Matthew Pennington - 31.
William Echols -passed Pro Marksman.
The Blue Team won.

Collin Webb - passed Pro Marksman.
Will Scholl - 35, 31, 34 (kneeling), 30 (kneeling), & passed Marksman First Class.
David Giordano - 32, 34, 35, & passed Marksman.
James Hutchins - 30 & 33.
Chad Bonner - 43, 32, 39, 41, & 40.
John Carwie - 30, 35, & passed pro Marksman.
The White Team won.

Rough Riders:
Tilghman Tate - 42, 38, 33, & 33.
Evan Schulhofer - 32, 38, 39, & 33.
Colin Snyder - 33.
Riley Lange - 32, 39, 44, & 40.
Bibb Albright - 37, 42, & 33.
Ethan Eastman - 30, 40, & 43.
Matthew Rainer - 38, 40, & 30.
Benjamin Baker - 31.
Andrew Bernston - 36.
Cade Smith - 44.
The White Team won.


Upper Lake
Mia Warner passed First Class Wake-boarding.
Sarah Dowd passed Third & Second Class Wake-boarding.
Mary Carter Culpepper passed First Class Skiing.
Elizabeth Scholl passed Second Class Kneeboarding.
Virginia Echols was a first time skier!
Audrey Sellers passed Second Class Kneeboarding.
Elizabeth Faulkner was a first time skier!
Blythe Jacobs passed Third Class Skiing.
Emma Lou Giordano passed Third Class Skiing.
Kassidy Eastman passed Third Class Kneeboarding.
Francie Pilliteri was a first time skier!

Lower Lake
Cami Barraza passed Second Class Kneeboarding.
Rachel Bethke passed Third Class Wake-boarding.
Autumn Zwilling passed Third Class Skiing.
Sebelle Cagle passed Third Class Kneeboarding.


Today was Barrel Racing & Cow Soccer Day!

1st - Jack Bakken, Duck: 25.01 seconds.
2nd - John Redd, Comanche: 25.93 seconds.
3rd - Caven Burdick, Abdul: 26.06 seconds.

1st - James Dougherty, Radio: 22.47 seconds.
2nd - Cale Smith, Kitty: 22.99 seconds.
3rd - Sam Carroll, Kitty: 23.13 seconds.

Rough Riders:
1st - Carter Stremmel, Doc: 20.65 seconds.
2nd - Andrew Bernston, Comanche: 21.63 seconds.
3rd - Hart James, Duke: 22.01 seconds.

Cow Soccer:
Dudes - Cheahatchitas: 43.
Wranglers - Cheahatchitas: 54.
Rough Riders - Fookowies: 57.

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had Sausage, French Toast with syrup and powdered sugar, fresh fruit, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had hot dogs and French fries with Rice Krispie treats for dessert. For dinner, we had Domino's pizza and wings! We had chocolate cake with whipped topping and chocolate syrup for dessert.

Afternoon Activities



Tim Wagner caught one fish.

Putt Putt

Today the girls had Masters Qualification Day.

The qualifiers for the girls are:
Jameson Listermann.
Morgan Horsley.
Claire Pollitt.
Lulu Gribbin.

League Games

On the luscious green Court 1, Emma’s Dilemmas ate up Anna’s Banana Peels in a jaw-dropping game of volleyball. From the Dilemma’s, Katy Wilbanks played like a young Banks Walston & David Schmidt combined. From the Bananas, Samantha Speilberger threw like a bird out of its cage.

On Field 1, Branham’s Beasts beat Roma’s Rockstars. Katie Dyess played phenomenally for the Beasts, and Julie Ray Hood played super swell for the Rockstars.

On the field that takes a long time to walk to, aka Field 2, the Aba-Daba-Dudes defeated G-Cott’s T-Tots 12-2 in an intense game of kickball. From the Aba-Daba-Dudes, Allie Wimberly kicked the ball like an all-star. From the T-Tots, Lulu Gribbin dominated the field with her stellar plays.

Today on the soccer field, FB’s Mini-Me’s beat Banks’s Sisters in a nail-biting match. From the Mini-Me’s, Chloe Rowe was a beast on the field, and for the Sisters, Layla Mince played like a pro.

In the square wooden arena, Megan’s Monkeys melted the Ben & Jerry’s. From the Monkey’s, Killian Delaney dodged balls like a ghost. From the Ben & Jerry’s, Sarah Neal DePiano played like a young AE.

Cabin Time

While the girls were playing League Games, the boys had Cabin Time!

B-5 went to the Obstacle Course.
B-4 went to the Iceberg.
B-3 & B-2 went to Water Balloon Battlefield.
Chinnabee went to the Pool.
B-0 went to Rappelling.


Tonight, our speaker was Roma Pirnie; and our choir was G-2.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Night Rec

Senior 90's Rec Hall

Junior Girls Pool

Junior Boys Courts

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