Ambassador Program

Every summer, the majority of our

campers are returning campers, and most of our new campers are their friends. They come to us because of what Camp Mac campers tell them about what it’s like to spend an incredible summer here. We appreciate our camper families over the years who’ve helped us spread the word. Without them, Camp Mac wouldn’t still be going strong after almost 70 years.

To show our appreciation, we welcome back the camp mac ambassador program!

It's easier than 1-2-3.

  1. If a first-year camper (not the sibling of a returning camper) attends camp this summer because of a recommendation from a returning Camp Mac family, the returning family will receive a $100 credit for each referred camper. If more than one family refers the camper(s), the credit will be divided equally.
  2. The first-year camper must note the referral on the application in order for the referring family to receive the credit, which will be applied to the final invoice. The Ambassador program is open to all camper families, regardless of when they register.