Dates and Rates


to create an environment and structure that leads to an appropriate and unforgettable camp experience, regardless of whether your child is coming to camp for the very first time or is a Camp Mac “veteran.” Here, we’ve assembled information to help you decide which term is best for your child.

Your Camp Fee Includes Everything!

  • Canteen!
  • Laundry service
  • Special Events
  • The Camp Mac Sunday T-shirt
  • Daily News (website updates)
  • The Camp Mac 3rd year shirt
  • Emails to campers
  • Awards!
  • Camp Mac Laundry Bag
  • ALL programs & activities, including water skiing and horseback riding
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Junior Term

  • 10-day term
  • Emphasis on safety, fun, and adjusting to being away from home
  • Introduces young campers to more than 50 activities on a beginner level
  • Afternoon activities last one to two days each – enough time to introduce the camper to the activity
  • Campers are not eligible for the Junior Term after attending one of our Senior Terms

2018 Dates and Rates

For campers

May 31st
June 9th

“I had a great opportunity to become a leader. And I’m not sure where I could have learned that besides Camp Mac.” – Camper

Senior Terms

  • 3-week and 4-week terms
  • A premium camp program designed for experienced campers and high achievers who have completed or are completing 3rd through 9th grades
  • Ample time for instruction, special events, and more than 100 activities from which to choose
  • Emphasis on safety, fun, and instruction
  • Advanced activity instruction shepherds campers from beginning level through expert
  • New activities every summer
  • Time to learn more new skills, develop self-confidence, and make lifelong friendships
  • Afternoon elective activities last 5–6 days
Camp Mac Terms image

2018 Dates and Rates

For campers


4-week term

June 11th
July 6th

3-week term

July 9th
July 29th

Camp Fees and Payments

Registration Fee

Our registration fee is $500 per child, due with your application.
Once we receive your fee, we will enroll your child. Your registration fee will be applied to your total camp fee.

Confirmation Fee

Our confirmation fee is $1,050 per child for Junior Term and $1,875 per child for the 3-week and 4-week terms and is due February 1st. Your confirmation fee will also be applied to your total camp fee.

Final Fees

Final fees are due May 1st.

Military Discount

We offer a $200 discount if one or more parent is on U.S. active military duty. Applicable discounts will be deducted from your final payment.

Methods of Payment

Fees can be paid by check or online using a credit card.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Cancellation before February 1: Half of paid registration fee is refundable.
  • Cancellation between February 2 and May 1: The registration fee is no longer refundable. Half of the paid confirmation fee is refundable, or the entire confirmation fee may be applied toward camp for the same child the following summer.
  • Transfer of Fees: Fees may not be transferred to another camper.
  • Cancellation after May 1: Half of paid final fee is refundable or entire confirmation fee and final fee may be applied toward camp for the following summer for the same child.
  • Accident or Illness: Should accident or illness prevent a camper from remaining in camp, loss of all fees paid, except the registration fee, will be shared equally between Camp Mac and the camper’s family. All paid fees, except the registration fee, may be applied toward camp for the same child the following summer.
  • Non-refunded Fees: Non-refunded fees are used by Camp Mac for financial-need scholarships.